The Best Hydrogen HHO Booster and No Maintenance fuel savers

For years there has been a battle between false promises and legitimate fuel saving techniques. Here are two options proven to work that have a guarantee.


PRLog (Press Release)-May 9, 2014-FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--Hydrogen has been at the forefront of this controversy. Over the years, with the internet offering solutions like build your own unit, buy a kit, many have been disappointed and found that they cannot get their creations to work. Aftermarket fuel saving devices like magnets, chemicals and turbine injectors have also fallen by the wayside due to maintenance requirements or lack of performance.

Those few companies that have built products that work are still in business and going strong. Canadian, South and Central American countries along with Europe have not fallen victim to many of the online get rich quick schemes that make promises but do not deliver. With the price of fuel being higher than in the United States they have been more judicious in their selections. Fortunately, due to bad publicity regarding their products these bad companies have closed.

We are here to tell you about two products: one a Hydrogen Booster and the other a simple no chemical, no maintenance low cost system. The Hydro Dynamo Booster is one of the survivors. It is a sturdy efficient product that comes in three models. It requires low energy so the efficiency is greater, 20% to 50% in fuel savings, the Carbon footprint is reduced +/-90%. The unit is encased in a heat sink epoxy so it is weather resistant and leak proof. It is guaranteed for three years.

The second is an inline fuel vaporizer the ECO Fuel Maximizer. It has been around for over ten years; is installed on thousands of school buses, police cars, fire engines as well as heavy duty diesel applications. This unit is patented, in simple terms it reorganizes the molecules of both Gas and Diesel fuel. By separating the Hydro Carbon Molecules from the fuel, it burns more efficiently and cleaner. Savings range around 10% and it can reduce carbon pollution as much as 80%. This product can also help reduce REGEN maintenance 40% to 60% The ECO Fuel Maximizer will not affect a computer system on any engine. The cost is less than $400, it is guaranteed for 5 years.

Hydro Dynamics HHO, Inc. has embraced every opportunity to reduce Carbon Pollution and increase fuel efficiency since 1999. The time to act is now! We need to help reduce pollution and our dependence on fossil fuels. The technologies are available, individuals and Companies who are interested in learning more about reducing Fuel Costs and Carbon Pollution call or email us for the latest information and updates.

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