ECO Fuel Systems asked to join the Global Trade Chamber as member of their Green Committee


The Global Trade Chamber is an organization with members in over 30 countries. Their new Green Committee will be comprised of a select few that are dedicated and knowledgeable on how to reduce waste and pollution.

PRLog - Feb. 11, 2015 - MIAMI -- ECO Fuel Systems, LLC is honored to be asked to share and advise the Global Chamber members and the public on how to reduce the Carbon Footprint. Carbon Pollution levels are at an all time high, disease, allergies and cancer are a result of lack of planning and action.

Countries around the world are all experiencing increasing pollution primarily caused by the black smoke being produced from factories, furnaces and the largest contributor; trucks and automobiles. There are Green alternatives that the public can adapt without any financial hardship.

It is time for the public to act! The public is waiting for our leaders to take on this burden. Governmental agencies are working on guidelines for improvement but it may take decades to incorporate. Businesses and the public have immediate solutions they need to incorporate into their daily lives.

If the public or a business can reduce their carbon footprint in their cars and trucks 50% or more and save enough money in fuel costs to pay for the improvement, why aren’t more people doing this? Whether you believe in Global warming or not, we the people of Earth cannot deny that the rate of poor health and death causing illnesses like cancer is increasing. Many physiologists’ state, it is Human Nature to be in denial, until it affects individuals directly.

Since 1999 the members of the ECO Fuel Systems team have been working to help reduce Carbon Pollution and increase fuel efficiency. The applications they represent can reduce Carbon Pollution +/-90%, while improving fuel efficiency 10% to 50%. Anyone interested in acquiring information on how they can help fight Pollution, reduce their fuel costs and make our world a safer place for our children; call or email for information.

Cary Nagdeman
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ECO Fuel Systems & Hydro Dynamics HHO - working to help Reduce Carbon Pollution in Indonesia

ECO Fuel Systems, LLC and Hydro Dynamics HHO are working closely with Indonesian companies to help increase fuel efficiency and reduce Jakarta's high levels of pollution.

(1888PressRelease) February 11, 2015 - Indonesia's extremely high level of Carbon Pollution is due to poor fuel quality caused by the lenient emission standards for their fuels. Clean fuel is crucial in reducing the elements of pollution released into the air.

Two companies with proven methods to reduce fuel consumption and Carbon Pollution in Indonesia are: and

The ECOFuelMaximizer is a No Chemical, No Maintenance inline fuel vaporizer that is installed on tens of thousands of gasoline and diesel engines around the world. This easy to install low cost product is guaranteed to work or your money back. It can increase fuel efficiency 10%-24% and reduce Carbon Pollution 40% to 60%.

The HydroDynamo Booster is a state-of-the-art Hydrogen Generator that can produce 93% pure Hydrogen that can help an engine; gasoline or diesel reduce fuel consumption 40% to 50% while reducing Carbon Emissions as much as 90+%. This method is very effective but requires maintenance.

In Jakarta Indonesia, these two sciences have been effectively utilized together for cost effective positive results. The ECO Fuel Enhancer reorganizes the molecules in fuel while the injected Hydrogen acts as an octane booster helping the fuel burn more efficiently and cleaner. Either method by itself is an improvement; together the results have shown to be more efficient.

ECO Fuel Systems, LLC and Hydro Dynamics HHO, Inc. have made available to the Ministries of Environment and Transportation these proven alternatives to help Indonesia lead the way toward better vehicle and fuel policies. These alternatives are easy to implement and are readily available.

The and teams have been working to reduce Carbon Pollution and improve fuel efficiency since 1999. They are leaders and have improvements others do not. Individuals, Businesses and Governmental agencies that would like more information email or call us.

GO GREEN - Burn Clean!

Reduce Diesel Regen & (DPR) Maintenance 70%

Diesel engines since 2007 require servicing when the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) gets clogged. Reduce Regens 70% & increasing fuel efficiency 13%.

Online PR News – 30-January-2015 – Boca Raton, Florida – Newer Diesels engines in the United States were equipped with a computer controlled Diesel Particulate Filter designed to reduce pollution from un-burnt diesel fuel. Manufacturers since 2009 added Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF) a chemical injected into the exhaust system designed to help keep the DPF filter clean. If the DEF fluid is not maintained, an engine will shut down and require dealer servicing.

Stop and go driving and idling reduce the amount of fuel burned which causes a diesel engine’s computer to go into a regeneration mode to remove the un-burnt fuel or soot from the exhaust, the DPF filter traps the fuels soot. The ECO Fuel Enhancer is an inline fuel filter/vaporizer that reorganizes the molecules of fuel helping them to burn cleaner. A cleaner burning engine reduces the Diesel Regeneration cycle helping an engine’s DPF filter to keep cleaner longer.
Diesel Particulate Filter servicing or replacement is very expensive and is only covered under warranty for a short period of a diesel engines long lifespan. Reports state that some diesel engines require thousands of dollars in DPR maintenance every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Recent independent testing on 10 Emergency Medical vehicles that experience excessive idling and stop and go driving, showed remarkable results. The ECO system showed an average of 70% reduction in a computer’s REGEN cycle and a 13% increase in fuel economy. The low cost ECO Fuel Enhancer system requires no maintenance and has a life expectancy of 40 years. The ECO units have a No Risk return policy, they are Guaranteed to work. For less than $400 thousands of dollars can be saved.

The and its affiliates have been advancing fuel saving and pollution reducing technologies since 1999. Over 200 Texas school systems over the last 10 years have installed over 30,000 units on their school buses. Individuals and Companies, who are interested in learning more about how to save Money, reduce Maintenance, Pollution and help Reduce Fuel Costs call or email for the latest information and updates.

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Hydro Dynamics HHO Update: Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Hydrogen on Demand; Past, Present & Future

Hydrogen vehicles have been around since the 1860's, the Hippomobile. Today with high levels of pollution and fuel prices Hydrogen, the Fuel of the Future is here.

(1888PressRelease) February 05, 2015 - Prior to the development and mass production of petroleum powered internal combustion engines, Etienne Lenoir an engine builder in France used electrolysis to create the first experimental hydrogen from water Hydrogen vehicle. It was a one cylinder engine. In 1863 a test drive from Paris to Joinville-le-Pont (12km, 19mi) took 3 hours with a top speed of 9km or 6mph. Mr. Lenoir only built and sold 350-400 of his Hydrogen engines.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell automobiles: Toyota recently announced the release of the Mirai a 100% Hydrogen powered car.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on the planet; it is 100% pollution free. It will be released in Southern California due to the limited supply of Hydrogen fueling stations.

Hydrogen on Demand as a supplement is available today; it has been used to help power engines for over 200 years. NASA has been using Hydrogen since the 1950's.

An internal combustion engine that uses clean Hydrogen on Demand Booster can increase its fuel efficiency as much as 50%, and reduce its carbon footprint as much as 90%. The positive factors are: Hydrogen on Demand is available now, worldwide. It is cost effective and can be installed on any engine. Diesel engines love Hydrogen, by adding clean Hydrogen mileage increases, black smoke is substantially reduced and an engine will require less maintenance.

Water an inexpensive plentiful resource. The negative factors are: maintenance and bad publicity resulting from Hydrogen products that did not work. Many DIY kits and internet plans to build a Hydrogen generator either were assembled improperly or do not work. It takes knowledge and experience to do it correctly. Those who use a glass jar or plastic bottles beware; Hydrogen is very explosive and can be dangerous, if not handled properly.

The team has been advancing Hydrogen Technologies since 1999. They are excited about the new advancements which can help the public save on the cost of energy and reduce pollution. The time to act is now! The state of the art Hydro Dynamo™ Hydrogen Booster can do things others can't, it creates +/-93% pure Hydrogen.

Individuals, Companies and Governmental agencies interested in saving fuel and helping the environment email or call for the latest information and updates.

Go GREEN Burn Clean.


2015 Tampa Florida RV Super Shows – ECO Fuel Systems



The Florida Trade Association is hosting a couple of the country’s largest Recreational Vehicle trade shows in Tampa, Ft Meyers, Ocala, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville and more.
Tampa, FL, January 18, 2015 --( This year with the economy improving and the price of fuel the lowest it has been in years people will be flocking to these shows to see the latest models and accessories.

Motor Home and Bus Nut owners who use hundreds of gallons of fuel are always looking to save money. ECOFuelMaximizer and HydroDynamicsHHO are offering a special discount for RV owners.

As a show special 10% will be taken off the price of any fuel saving unit. Motor Homes, Buses and Diesel Trucks can save between 10% and 40% on their fuel consumption and substantially reduce black smoke. Newer diesel engines by burning cleaner fuel will require less maintenance. All sales are guaranteed with a no risk money back refund policy.

Hydro Dynamics HHO, Inc and ECO Fuel Systems, LLC have been leaders in improving fuel efficiency and reducing pollution since 1999. They have the latest technologies available the Hydro Dynamo Booster and the ECOFuelMaximizer; a no chemical, no maintenance fuel enhancer with a money back guarantee. To receive more information on how to reduce fuel consumption 10% to 40% call or email for the latest information and updates.

Go GREEN – Burn Clean!