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Any Company or Person can clean a dirty Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) DIY in house without heat for 75% less, plan ahead.
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What DoYour DPF's Look Like?

ATLANTA - Feb. 7, 2018 - PRLog -- All diesel motors in the USA since 2007 have Diesel Particulate Filter's that traps the soot. Until recently the primary method for cleaning DPF's was to bake them at high temperatures, 1800º. The average cost is between $350 and $550 depending on location. At high heat the carbon separates from the ceramic filter median. Unfortunately, after a few cleaning at high heat a DPF's Ceramic filter may get damaged and it may need to be replaced. This is a very expensive +/-$3,000 maintenance issue. Using CobraCleanUSA requires no heat and will not damage a filter. Some have cleaned their filter 6+ times without issue.

A vehicle with a dirty DPF may experience reduced performance and in many cases when the warning light says "DPF Full" it stops running.

CobraCleanUSA is a Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-Acidic cleaning solution that was used to clean oxidation off of paint and aluminum. It wasn't until a Fleet manager soaked one of his DPF's in Cobra Clean that we learned of how effective it was.

Simple to use, remove your DPF, submerse it in Cobra Clean and rotate it, soak for 24 hours. Remove it drain and rinse with tap water. Many use an air hose, wet-vac or fan to dry their filters. After its dry's reinstall it, and your back on the road. To date, School Systems, Metro Coach Companies, Trucking Companies and Private Diesel owners are successfully using the CobraCleanUSA solution with success at a 75% savings ($85).

To plan a head is crucial, when a vehicles DPF warning light comes on you will need to clean the filter soon. All Diesel Motors since 2007 will require a DPF cleaning sooner or later. Trucks may go 100,000 miles, Commuter or School Buses may only go 10,000-30,000 miles. It all depends on driving conditions and the vehicle it is installed on. Stop and Go driving and ideling requires a cleaning sooner. It is recommended to order ahead and have the CobraCleanUSAready when needed so you clean it and get back on the road. If you wait until the filter clogs, it may take several days until the CobraCleanUSA can be shipped and your vehicle will be in downtime mode.

ECO Fuel Systems has been dedicated to helping the environment since 1999 and are pleased to be the warehouse distributor for CobraClean. For more information, email or call to speak with a Human.

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DIY DPF Cleaning – New Biodegradable Carbon Cleaning Solution -

Dirty Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) have been a problem for Diesel Owners since 2007. Now they can be cleaned without damaging them with high heat (+/- 1,800⁰).
Dirty Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) have been a problem for Diesel Owners since 2007. Now they can be cleaned without damaging them with high heat (+/- 1,800⁰).


New York, NY, July 18, 2017 --( ECO Fuel Systems, LLC and its owners have been working since 1999 to help reduce Hydrocarbons. Unburnt Diesel Fuel Hydrocarbons is the soot that gets trapped in a (DPF) Diesel Particulate Filter. When it gets clogged it can cause a motor to shut down and stop running. The average cost to clean a DPF is $350 the average cost to replace a DPF (OEM) is $2,500+.

Diesel Owners and mechanics can now clean Diesel Particulate Filters in house for 75% less ($85). Cobra Clean is an answer. It is a Biodegradable Non-Acidic, Non-Caustic cleaning solution that until recently was used to clean the Aluminum exteriors on airplanes and ladders on Fire Trucks. In the recent past, a Fleet manager as a test soaked one of their DPF’s in a bucket of Cobra Clean for 24 hours. After removing it they drained and rinsed it out with a garden hose. The filter’s carbon buildup washed away and the filter was clean. They dried it, reinstalled it and the Diesel was back on the road, no codes or DPF issues.

Since then Fire Departments, Trucking Companies, School Districts, Coach Bus companies, EMS and more have been using Cobra Clean not only to clean their DPF's but everything else on a vehicle and in the shop.

The ECO Fuel System company has been dedicated to reducing pollution and maintenance with their ECOFuelMAX in-line fuel enhancer and now are sharing Cobra Clean with the public. For more information on a green product to help reduce the cost of maintaining or cleaning Diesel Motors call or go online (CobraCleanUSA).

How to Control Dirty DPF's from hurting your business ECOFUELMAX

6/12/2017 How to Control Dirty DPF Diesel
Particulate Filters from hurting your Business ECOFuelMax

Mon, 12 Jun 2017 10:55:36 0500

How to Control Dirty DPF - Diesel Particulate Filters
from hurting your Business ECOFuelMax

Proven Solution - Since 2007 the EPA has required Diesel Motors to use Diesel Particulate Filters to Reduce Hydrocarbon Pollution
or the Soot from un-burnt fuel.


The good news is that these DPF filters are efficient in reducing the pollutants released into the air. The bad news is that the Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) used to trap the Soot get clogged from the un-burnt diesel fuel. Unfortunately they need to be cleaned or replaced.

As a result a vehicle might stop while operating and may be forced to be out of service until the DPF is cleaned or replaced. Failure of a DPF can cause related damage to EGR Filters, EGR Coolers and Fuel Injectors causing more expensive repairs to a vehicle. Until recently the most widespread method used to clean a DPF is heating them to +/- 1,800 degrees in a kiln to separate and remove the soot or built up carbon from the DPF filter.

Two issues remain; the average cost to burn a DPF clean is $350.00 with downtime. The second issue is how high heat damages the 
filter. On average a DPF can be cleaned 2 times, three if lucky. The cost to replace a standard Diesel Particulate Filter is $3,500.00. The related items like EGR Valves can cost $300 to over $500 to replace. EGR Coolers range from $700 to over $1,000.00 each. Fuel injectors for a commercial Cummins motor can cost $300.00 to $1,000.00+. Downtime and inconvenience is a major problem.

One proven and Guaranteed solution that has been around for over 10 years is the ECOFUELMAX. Certified Tests show that this incredible easy to install small low cost (+/-$400) device that requires No Chemicals or Maintenance can reduce REGEN’s (DieselRegeneration Cycles) 40% to over 70%. 

The metallic reaction to Fuel increases the RVP (Reid Vapor Pressure) to increase. RVP is a measurement used to gauge the volatility 
of fuel. Certified SGS reports show that the RVP in Diesel fuel can be increased from .6 to 1.0. The RVP in Gasoline can be increased from 7.6 lbs to 8.4 lbs. The ECOFUELMAX only treats fuel, no motor modifications so there are no warranty issues. 

The increase of the volatility in Diesel fuel helps it burn cleaner. Less Soot or Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) results in less maintenance for a DPF, EGR Valve, EGR Cooler and Fuel Injectors.
Less REGEN Cycles not only reduces vehicle maintenance but can increase a motors èiciency and life. In a majority of cases fuel èiciency is increased and on newer Diesel motors less DEF (Diesel Emission Fluid) is used.

Over the years many unscrupulous companies and salespeople have caused distrust among businesses and the public due to their undocumented claims and unfulfilled promises. A

Florida Coach Transit Companies Reducing Regens – ECOFuelMax

Florida Transportation Department's have found an answer to dealing with the negative issues with Diesel Regeneration Cycles and Diesel Particulate Filters.
(866) 374-0002
(866) 374-0002
ORLANDO, Fla. - Nov. 14, 2016 - PR Log -- Coach Buses and Trucks that do a lot of stop and go driving all day long experience what is known as Diesel Regeneration Cycles or REGEN's. Regen Cycles are activated by a motors computer (ECM) to clean its Diesel Particulate Filter that traps un-burnt fuel or soot.

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) since 2007 has been installed on all diesel engines sold and operating in the United States. A Diesel Regeneration Cycle is a function initiated by a vehicles computer (ECM) to trap un-burnt fuel in a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The ECO works by increasing the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) in Fuel causing it to burn more volatile and cleaner. Cleaner burning fuel reduces the amount un-burnt fuel so less REGEN Cycles are needed. On average Diesel Regeneration Cycles waste 4 to 10 gallons of fuel.

When a DPF gets full of the soot it runs with reduce performance and requires maintenance, if maintenance is not performed a diesel engine will stop running.

The ECOFUELMAX is a simple low cost ($390) easy to install in-line fuel enhancer, No Chemicals or Maintenance is required; its life is 20+ years.  Due to the increased efficiency and reduced maintenance and downtime Transit Companies have experienced an ROI of less than 20 days and $3,000- $5,000+ in projected annual savings. Keep your buses on the road, not in the shop!

ECO Fuel Systems, LLC ( and its principals have been actively working to reduce Hydrocarbon Pollution since 1999. Reduce maintenance expenses and downtime while reducing pollution 40% to over 70% that is released into the atmosphere, a Win – Win solution. For more information call or email us for more details. GO GREEN – Burn Clean!

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ECOFuelMax - Fleet Directors in Florida Reducing Regen’s


Orlando, Florida, United States., September 7, 2016 - (PressReleasePoint)

With the high cost of Diesel Particulate Filters Maintenance Directors in Florida are installing the low cost ECO solution to help reduce Diesel Regeneration Cycles.

Since 2007 all diesel engines in the USA are required to have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to help reduce Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) or soot released into the air. The ECOFUELMAX has No warranty issues, it only fuel, no engine modifications.

Transportation Directors and Fleet and Operation Managers have been looking for an affordable solution without having to add chemicals. The EcoFuelMax has proven itself at every challenge to reduce Diesel Regeneration Cycles 40% to over 70% (reports avail).

The ECO Fuel Max is an inline fuel enhancer that has been around for over 10 years, it requires No Chemicals or Maintenance and can last 20+ years. It works by increasing the Reid Vapor Pressure in all fuels (diesel, gasoline, natural gas, propane, bio-diesel and more). The result of increased RVP in fuel causes it to burn more volatile and cleaner. Cleaner burning diesel fuel reduces the DPM/soot that a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) has to trap.

Everyone asks why doesn't engine manufactures install this system? The answer, DPF maintenance is a multi-million dollar money maker for manufactures. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) maintenance can range in price from $400 for a cleaning to over $10,000 for a new OEM DPF replacement and installation. When a DPF filter is cleaned; baked at +/-3,000 degrees it can get damaged, +/-20% of its efficiency is lost after each cleaning. After 3 cleanings it may need to be replaced. Extending a DPF’s life is a major savings as well as helping to keep vehicles in service.

Over the years there have been many claims that have failed to deliver. Since recently being released in Florida and the East Coast of the USA the EcoFuelMax system has a 99% success rating. Example a Coach Bus, School Bus or Truck could see an annual savings of $1,000 to over $3,000 per year. For over 10 years it has been successfully installed on tens of thousands of diesel yellow school buses in Texas as well as thousands of coach buses, trucks, ems, fire, police, trains and marine around the world. NASA has been using it for years to reduce Carbon pollution.

ECO Fuel Systems, LLC and Hydro Dynamics have been leaders in reducing Hydrocarbon Pollution since 1999. To help the public, companies and governmental agencies ECO Fuel Systems, LLC offers a No Risk 90 day money back opportunity to test it. The ECO has a BBB A+ rating for over 10 years, no complaints (references avail). ECO Fuel Systems is dedicated to helping reduce diesel Regen’s, Carbon Pollution, Maintenance costs and wasted fuel caused by Diesel Regen Cycles. Keep vehicles on the road, not in the shop. Interested in saving thousands of dollars annually per vehicle and can afford $390 contact or call for more information.

Go Green – Burn Clean!

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