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Reduce Carbon Pollution and Greenhouse Gases Today!

The ECO Fuel System Works on All Fuel Types

Thank you for your interest in saving money and reducing downtime by reducing
Carbon Pollution/Particulates and Greenhouse Gases. We are aware you may have
many questions and concerns so the information below has been arranged to
direct you to answers to the questions or concerns you may have.

The ECO Fuel System works on the Scientific Principals of Electrostatic Energy or Electrolysis.
It requires No Chemicals or Maintenance, it can last 20+ years. The ECO Fuel System has
been around for over 15 years, it is successfully installed on over 30,000 Yellow School Buses
in over 200 School Districts in Texas alone.  Governmental agencies like
US Border Patrol/Homeland Security and NASA use it. Many Municipalities Transit Buses as
well as Police, Waste/Garbage Trucks, Corporate Trucking and Heavy Equipment have been
successfully using it for years.

The most comprehensive method of Proof is to do your own No Risk test on your vehicles. 
Tests are just that, reality is the best Proof.

Below is a list of links to information to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to speak with a knowlegeable representative call (866) 374-0002.  

GO GREEN - Burn Clean!

ECO Fuel System Information & Links
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          How the ECO Works
      • White Paper & Operating Principals Reports Richard Carlson a developer of both 
             the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Catalytic Converter for Gasoline motors. Certified Reid
Pressure Report from United States Testing Labs included.
        • Homeland SecurityA complete testing and background check was done on the ECO System company &
             its products,the most formidable investigating agency in the World. It has been in use for over 10 years. 
 Reid Vapor Pressure Test (RVP) Certified United States Testing Laboratory report showing
validating increased combustion does in fact reduce Hydrocarbons and NOx gases. Works on all fuel’s. 
      • CARB Approved The ECO Fuel System’s CARB approval is certification that it does not affect
             a vehicles emission system. T
he ECO Fuel System will NOT void any motors warranty. 
         Coach Bus Reports (PSTA, LeeTran, PalmTran, First Transit)
        • School DistrictsOver 30,000 Yellow School Buses in 200+ School Districts 
      • Waste-Garbage Waste Trucks San Antonio,Texas 
      • Government Funded Environmental Report Texas State Grant - RFP #02-RO1-27G
     • Complete Files of Testing and Certified Tests

      • Awards and Recognition Governmental and public recognition and awards 
      • Product Reviews & References Coach, School Buses, Trucks, Waste, Police
       Products and Pricing Low cost solution to saving money by reducing Carbon emissions and

By reducing Greenhouse Gases, Hydrocarbon Pollutants tons of Carbon Pollutants can
be omitted from reaching the air we breathe. Thousands of dollars of Maintenance, Operating Expense and Downtime could be saved per vehicle annually.

Reduce REGEN Cycles (40-70%+) DEF Use (+/-50%) and Fuel consumption +/- 5%.

The ECO has been tested and has proven to work 100% of the time (+/-15 yrs.); the ECO Fuel System has a No Risk Money Back Guarantee.

The ECO Fuel System is a Patented product that can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer via a Warehouse Distributor. This is done to protect the public from being misguided and taken advantage of. ECO Fuel System, LLC is your Warehouse Distributor.

Cary Nagdeman, educator, warehouse distributor

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