Medical - EMS

  • Stop & Go Driving
  • Reduced REGENS 72%
  • 13% more MPG

School Buses

  • Cleaner Air
  • Reduce Regens-Maint
  • Fuel Savings (+/-10%)


  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • (+/-10%) Fuel Savings
  • ROI +/-16 days 


  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • (+/-10%) Fuel Savings
  • ROI +/-16 days


Products & Prices

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No warranty Issues
  • Easy to install

Reduce Diesel Regeneration & Carbon Pollution +/-70%

ECO Systems Fuel Enhancers work by reducing the size of the Hydrocarbon molecules 
increasing the Reid Vapor Pressure in fuel. The results are a 
more volatile, combustible & cleaner burning fuel.   

How it Works

Diesel RVP   +/-.6% to +/- 1%
Gasoline RVP +/-7.4% to +/-8.2%

ECO Fuel Systems, LLC is committed to protecting and preserving our environment.
Using the ECO Fuel System to reduce Hydrocarbon Pollution (40% to over 70%) your helping to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, maintenance costs and helping to preserve our environment.

NEW RELEASE! Cobra Clean; Clean Diesel Particulate Filters without heat.

GREAT News! Coach Buses; No Forced Regen's after Installation, keep your buses on the road!
    No RISK! 90 day money back satisfaction Guarantee (BBB A+ Rating 10+ yrs) 

Charter/Coach Buses - School Buses - Trucks - Marine - Trains

REGEN's and your Budget - Proven solution to the Diesel REGEN problem.

Everytime a Diesel Engine goes into a regen cycle it wastes fuel (4-10 gallons) and can take 30-45 minutes to complete. See the test results for a fleet of 20 EMS units. We have documented results on all motors: Trains, School Buses, Coaches, Trucks, Marine. We don't eliminate regeneration cycles, we reduce the amounts and severity. REGEN Cycles are required 40% to 70%+ less often, Forced REGEN's almost entirely eliminated. This leads to reduced maintenance costs and a longer life for expensive parts like Diesel Particulate Filters and Fuel Injectors. 

The ECO Fuel System is a Guaranteed proven solution that has been around for over 10 years (BBB A+) and is successfully installed on tens of thousands of diesel and gasoline engines. We invite you to do a No Risk test on your fleet. Call or contact us.

"Keep your vehicles on the road, not in the shop!"

Do you want to 
save thousands per year in maintenance and fuel? 

         No Chemicals - No Maintenance - No Problems

The World is Going GREEN with the ECO
Toyota Innova Diesel Truck reduces emissions 61% (pdf)
Maruti-Swift (Suzuki) 2013 Diesel engine reduces emissions almost 50% (pdf)
These two vehicles test results are bases on government certified testing for emissions
Locomotive with Cummins Diesel engine saves 7.18% in fuel (pdf)
California Air Resources Board - CARB Approved (June 29, 2016)

Are Regens Hurting your Budget? REGEN 101

Diesel Particulate Matter is more regulated than ever. Almost every fleet is dealing
with the high cost of maintenance and down time.

Systems may vary, the goal is to reduce tailpipe emissions. The DPF does this by capturing
the soot and burning it out. Vehicles that do a lot of stop and go 
driving may require
down time or highway run time to clean their Particulate Filter

Ambulance (EMS) Regen problems solved! 
Test results for a fleet of 20 EMS units with ECO-4's installed showed a 72%+ reduction in Diesel Regeneration Cycles. (See Results) We don't eliminate the regeneration cycles, but by enhancing the Reid Vapor Pressure and the Air to Fuel Ratios in fuel they are required much less often. This leads to a longer life and less maintenance for some expensive parts. Average annual savings; $1,000 to over $3,000/yr. 

Coach Buses - Transit
Recent over the road testing on multiple New York and Florida area Transit operations showed favorable results. As a recommended test, 10 ECO-4 units were installed on 10 high mileage Coach Buses with Cummins Diesel motors. The average daily miles driven was +/-300 miles at an average speed of +/-16 MPH. These buses previously went into Forced REGEN Cycles 1 to 3 times per week and may have had to be towed into the shop.

On average they consumed +/- 900gl of diesel fuel per week. After installation all the test buses did not require any out of service Forced REGEN's and have remained on the road. Due to cleaner burning fuel and less REGEN Cycles fuel consumption was reduced by +/-8.427% (75+gl/bus savings/wk.). Since then more ECO's have been ordered, we are looking forward to helping entire fleets of new and older buses reduce Hydrocarbon Pollution 40% - 70%+. In a majority of cases the  ROI +/- 20 days. No Warranty issues, The ECO only treats fuel, no motor modifications.



(see results)

Update: South Carolina Schools reducing Regens and Maintenance 


      Who is using it?
     • More MPG 10% Average (6.5% to 24%)
    • How does the ECO Fuel Enhancer Work
    Products & Pricing-What size ECO do I need
School References


ECO Fuel Saving Reports: Buses, Trucks, Trains (click here)
ECO Installation Examples (click here)
Blog click here for the latest updates


ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer Presentations
School Buses - Coaches - Commercial Trucks. (click here)


Detailed Photo Installation Instructions (click here)

Sample installations 
Installed between the fuel filter and the engine intake. 


Installation on a Caterpillar Diesel

Oil Field Services
13.4% savings over a 70,000 mile test on multiple trucks. Request a copy.

Independent Fuel & Regen Study on 20 EMS vehicles

    (click here for larger view)

Clean Air Initiatives

ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer provides a cleaner burn and reduced harmful emissions.
Do your part, and save fuel at the same time.

 KXAN News features police department saving with ECO System
(you may not be able to view video in Mozilla, use IE or Chrome)


ECO System Fuel Enhancer Product description
Reduce emissions, diesel particulates and improve your fuel economy with the ECO System.

How it Works is the official overview from the inventor, manufacturer, and manufacturer's

Congressional Recognition for ECO System customers
Congressman Rubén Hinojosa of Texas and many more.

Products are designed to reduce regulated hydrocarbons from the air, and save money.
Our products are proven to be excellent.                                                                                 

ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer Quick Reference
Schools Police | Govt  | Trucks Boilers Kits | Test Data Reviews  

School Districts & County Governments
The call to action for School Boards and County Governments is to reduce

pollution. The ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer is being used by over 200
School Districts & City Governments, on everything from squad cars
to heavy equipment. Many over 10 years. (References)

ECO Fuel Systems, LLC 
Is a Direct wholesale factory Warehouse Distributor and manufacturer's representative
for the ECO Systems Fuel Enhancers. We are dedicated to helping educate
the public, businesses, school systems, etc. on how to for a low cost reduce Carbon
fuel consumption and diesel regeneration cycles- DPF maintenance. 

(you may not be able to view video in Mozilla, use IE or Chrome)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  About our Averages
Our averages are based on Real World Testing by our customers. Commercial customers, School
districts, County government, City government, and Consumers. This data has been accumulated
over the last 13+ years. Lab tests help explain some of the physics
of the ECO Systems, but in-service
testing has been the only method that proves the technology.
Your vehicles, Your data, Your fuel and
Your driving, thus giving you your real results, and money
in the bank, not the fuel pump. The better
test protocols involve make sure that good historical data
is available, then installing a minimum of 5
units (for a fleet customer) and not telling the drivers. Record fuel
consumption, regens, and other
metrics over a few weeks. Nine times out of ten, there will be a fuel
savings -
many times it's considerable.

Recommended Testing Procedures

                                                                                                 News Station Reports



                                                                Drilling Rig saving 150 gal/day
                                                                ECO-5 ($450.00) saves 150 gallons per day.                                                             

                                                                Detroit Diesel on Scorpion drilling rig

                                                               The larger the engine, the faster the ROI. Installation is not difficult




                                                               Drilling Rigs saving 150 gal/day - ECO-5 for large engines 
                                                               Trucking, Big Rigs saving 6%-15% on fuel - ECO-5 for Large Engines
                                                               Marine saving 10%-20% on fuel - ECO-4 for engines < 400HP                                        
                                                               Large Generators and Gas Boilers saving +/-10% on fuel
                                                               4 Models: ECO-2 (1/2" line) ECO-4 & ECO-5 (3/4" line) - ECO-7 (1.5" line)  

                                                Call (866) 374-0002 or Contact/Email Us