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  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • ROI +/-16 Days
  • ECO-5


  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • (+/-10%) Fuel Savings
  • ROI +/-16 days


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Emission Results & Testimonials

If your City, County or Company is dedicated to working to help clean the
air we breath by reducing the pollution 
our vehicles produce we have a low
cost proven solution that can help reduce Hydrocarbons 40% to over 70%. 

Since 2001 The ECOFuel Systems Enhancer has been working with governmental
and companies to help make fuel burn cleaner.
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The Texas Council on Environmental Technology (TCET)

Results: “the effect of adding the Eco-2 Vapor Pressure Enhancer was found in all
instances to reduce most regulated emissions.” (click here)
El Paso County, Texas Product Testing Report Road and Bridge Equiptment.

Testing was done and checked every 100 miles. "As indicated above there were
significant reductions in harmful emissions of this vehicle. The mileage of the
vehicle also increased from 12 miles per gallon to over 15 miles per gallon.
This will give a cost efficiency savings of approximately 25% on this vehicle."
(full .pdf report)

City of San Antonio Fleet Manager Special Projects report (George Wilborn Jr.)

Conducted many Evaluations on Additives and Devices for use within the Fleet Maintenance
and Operations Division of the City of San Antonio. The Evaluations of devices have ranged
from Secondary Ignition Enhancement to the usage of Mono-pole Magnets on sub-system
engines. I have also tested for other Governmental and outside entities on their equipment 
the before- tests and after- tests, with the City of San Antonio SIS 904 Engine Analyzer and
with our Diesel Opacity No-smoke testers. At present we are undergoing possible Pilot
Program with Bio-Diesel, we are reviewing all Pros and Cons of this product and its possible
usage within our fleet. I am also continuing the evaluation of a very promising product that
can be used on the entire City of San Antonio Fleet vehicles to include Off-Road vehicles
this product is the ECO Systems. I have also had this product installed on a number of our
dedicated propane vehicles and have personally witnessed, the reduction of Hydrocarbons
and Carbon- Monoxides on an already Low Emission emitting Alternative Fueled vehicle. The
ECO System is being used on several City of San Antonio vehicles from Administrative to
Police vehicles to Garbage Trucks and to include Central Parts Forklifts. The City of San
Antonio Fire Department has been using this device since 1996 and will have completed the
installations of their entire Fleet of Fire Trucks and EMS units in the next few months. In
addition to the installations to complete the City of San Antonio Fire Department Fleet they
have taken steps on spec. Of this device on all future Equipment purchases. The City of
San Antonio Environmental Services Division have purchased through monies allocated by
the City of San Antonio, twenty eight  additional ECO-System Devices to be utilized in our
continued effort in finding a solution to the reduction of harmful emission pollutants. All of
the test results on all vehicles tested showed a reduction of emissions and no long term
adverse effects of the vehicles Fuel Distribution system to the Emission Control Systems
to include the vehicles On Board Computer Control Systems.
(full .pdf report click here)

Emission Reduction (click here)

11 vehicle Cleaning the Air in San Antonio report. (click here)

ECO System Fuel-Regen EMS test (click here)

Locomotive Pilot Fuel Saving report (click here)

Toyota Diesel Emission test (click here)