About Us

Our associates and engineers have been manufacturing and marketing Fuel saving devices since 1999. Like others having aftermarket product doubts we tested and to this day still use the ECOFuelMaximizer Enhancer. We joined forces as a Direct Fleet Wholesale Warehouse Distributor.

Everyday the demand for cost effective products that can reduce maintenance, fuel consumption and extend an engines life grows. We get calls and emails regularly from around the world and from local School Districts, Businesses and Transport Companies who are all looking for ways to save fuel and reduce pollution for their passengers.

Honest Marketing
The ECO Fuel Systems biggest customers are schools and government agencies. They are educated and very particular in their requirements. ECO Fuel Systems is proud to supply them with their technologies. Lucky for us it's an easy sell.

It is our desire to help the public, government and the local municipalities improve the quality
of the air we breathe while reducing the amount of fuel consumed. It is time for us to be
proactive and make every effort to reduce Pollution and the excessive use of our resources.
If you are interested in setting up a demonstration contact us, or give us a call, let's talk about it.

Fleet Manager Product Qualifications

As the Warehouse Director for the Eastern United States it is my intension to clarify any concerns or misconceptions regarding Aftermarket products. Many ask “is your product(s) approved by the EPA or a manufacturer?” The EPA does not approve any products they test and register them. A manufacturer will not endorse or approve a product unless they have an interest in it. If they did, they could be liable for damages. Aftermarket companies like Gates hoses and belts, Dayco, Fram Filters, Wix Filters, Brakes, Castrol Oil, Antifreeze and the ECO Fuel System just to name a few, none have Manufacture or EPA approvals or endorsements. 

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