Greetings Transportation Directors, Fleet Managers and Commissioners:

As the Warehouse Director for the Eastern United States it is my intension to clarify any concerns or misconceptions regarding Aftermarket products. Many ask “is your product(s) approved by the EPA or a manufacturer?” The EPA does not approve any products they test and register them. A manufacturer will not endorse or approve a product unless they have an interest in it. If they did, they could be liable for damages. Aftermarket companies like Gates hoses and belts, Dayco, Fram Filters, Wix Filters, Brakes, Castrol Oil, Antifreeze and the ECO Fuel System just to name a few, none have Manufacture or EPA approvals or endorsements.

To clarify concerns, ask a direct question of a manufactures representative “If I use an Aftermarket Product will it void the Manufactures warranty?” Based on Federal Law, you are allowed to install aftermarket products without affecting any vehicle warranties (click here). We advise for protection purposes that any user of Aftermarket products check the products reputation, its history and whether or not that product is insured in the event of any losses caused by it. The ECO Fuel System has a stellar 100% positive rating for over 10 years, is insured by a $1,000,000 liability policy, no claims, ever.

What concerns Manufacturers regarding the ECO Fuel System is the negative impact on their sale of replacement parts, Diesel Particulate Filters (+/-$3,000), EGR Coolers (+/- $1,200), EGR Valves (+/- $400) and much more. A cleaner burning fuel produces less Carbon Dioxide (soot) that reduces repairs. Reducing Pollution 40% to over 70% is good for the Environment and the ECO user, maybe not for Manufacturers.

In general, Gasoline motors require less maintenance; those who use the ECO Fuel System have experienced improved fuel efficiency, less EGR and Injector issues. Gasoline motors across the board, run more responsive with increased horsepower.

During the 2014 Ford Explorer Carbon Monoxide Exhaust Poisoning issues and lawsuits the ECO helped protect Police and Sheriff Vehicles, many have been using our system for years; The Security vehicles at NASA have been using our ECO System for +/-10 years.  

The ECO Fuel System by reducing maintenance expenses more than pays for itself (ROI +/- 30 days) in a short period of time. We do not claim fuel savings; however a majority of users claim a 3% to over 10% reduction in Fuel Consumption. Our claim and dedication is to help reduce Carbon Pollution, a win - win for everybody. See Who Uses It.  

The ECOFUELMAX.com website has answers to most of your questions, if you would like to speak with a human call us. GO GREEN – Burn Clean!

Thank you,

Cary Nagdeman, Director
(561) 395-1079 (off)
(561) 860-6888 (cell)

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