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Duval County Texas Sheriff

Note  As Sheriff of Duval County in San Diego, Texas I strive to improve on our equipment for my Deputies
and Cut costs to our Taxpayers. When I was informed about the ECO-Systems I was excited to see if this
product really worked. My officers often complain about the performance of our patrol cars and I wanted
to see if this product would take care of the hesitation and the clattering of the engines and secondly, I am
often reminded of fuel costs by other officials. After installing the ECO-Systems on our entire fleet I am glad
to say this is one product that does what they say it will do. My officers are happy with the performance of
our fleet. The hesitation and clattering is gone and the performance is where it should be. Our units are
getting 10 to 12 percent better mileage. My Sheriff’s pick-up with a 5.4 liter V-8 is now getting about
18 miles per gallon where it used to be at 15.5.

This fuel savings sure helps my budget. I encourage all law enforcement agencies to look into this product
of or your fleets. 
Santiago Barrera, Jr. 
Sheriff – Duval County

Police Cars

Crown Victoria Install

[Sheriff's Patrol Car install-Crown Vic--Truck F150]

 City of Roma, Texas Police Department Fleet 

El Campo Ploice


I have installed the ECO-Systems on Ford Crown Victoria's, Dodge Charger Hemis and Chevrolet pickups.
We have increased the mileage by 2 –3 miles per gallon. The most notable change was the performance.
The hesitation was eliminated and the acceleration performance increased. I installed one on my Crown
Victoria. I noticed the difference immediately when I accelerated. The maintance division has checked the
spark plugs. The plugs are carbon free. When we retire a high mileage unit, we remove the ECO-System
and install it on the new unit. We will continue to install the ECO-Systems on our fleet. 

Jim Elliott 
Chief of Police  

Chevrolet Silverado

ECO #2 on a Crown Vic in San Patricio County


Our police department customers have found that their Crown Victoria's get better performance,
less clatter, and best of all, don't need premium fuel when they have an ECO-2 Fuel Enhancer.

ECO 3 F250 Ford 5.4L, San Patricio County, TX