Emissions Reduction

Reduce Carbon Pollution +/- 70%

Reduce Fuel Consumption 6.5% to 24%, 10% average

Reduce Regen (DPF) maintenance +/-70% = Diesel Engines (2007+)

Emission Results and Testimonials

Significant Reduction of Regulated Emissions

ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer has been proven time and again to reduce carbon emissions,
including soot (Regens). 

Schools and Governments

In publicly funded entities, including schools, county government, and city government, the ECO
Fuel Enhancer is in wide use in several states. For schools, their big emitters are School
Buses. The 
amount of soot coming from buses has been reduced enough to significantly impact
air quality, employee
health, and exposure to children. An added bonus is longer life of soot
reducing devices now required
on many school buses.

Review the Test Results page for the scientific details.

From long haul trucks to waste haulers and even passenger cars, the device reduces emissions. In
cases, vehicles that are not in compliance with regional emissions standards are being
brought into 
compliance at minimal initial cost, and because they are saving fuel,break-even can
be measured in 
weeks, not months.

Scientific Evaluation
"The effect of adding the ECO-2 Vapor Pressure Enhancer was foundin all instances to reduce most
regulated emissions. Emission of hydrocarbon (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and oxides of nitrogen
were all reduced on the 1996 GMC Safari. The other three vehicles’ emissions were reduced
in two of three
of the regulated emissions .Wallace Labs Final Report.  (pdf)