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ECO Fuel Systems has hundreds of examples and testimonials to share. If you require a specific example let us know. 

Soot Reduction - Reduce Global Warming - Save MONEY!

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Pollution studies show the impact of carbon particles on the atmosphere. Reduction
of Carbon Particles is a proactive strategy for helping reduce the impact on the
Earth's climate. Regardless of where you stand on Global Warming, the reduction
of Carbon Particulates and soot will improve the air quality and save you Money.
The ECO Fuel Systems device is a Low 
Cost effective solution to reducing
Hydrocarbon Pollution (+/-70%) TODAY! By utilizing Electrolysis/Electrostatic
Energy the ECO Fuel System helps fuel burn more combustible and
cleaner. Reduce Carbon Pollution/Particulates and DPF Maintenence (+/-70%)
reduce Fuel Consumption +/- 20%. 

The Independant Recent Test Reports belolw is an example of how Truckers can
benefit by utilizing a Guaranteed No-Risk Proven solution.

Do your own No Risk Test TODAY!

ECO-#5 2022 Cummins X15 (550 HP)

DRILLWELL test report Kenworth
Results click here

ECO-#5 2022 Cummins X15 (550 HP)
Results Click Here

Results Click Here

 Congressional Recognition - Pollution (click here)

ECO-#4 on a 2007 Peterbuilt with Caterpillar Diesel Motor


 peterbilt detail test results


 peterbilt2 install txt

 B6 Enterprises

To Whom It May Concern:

B6 Enterprises agreed to have installed an ECO-Systems Fuel Vapor Enhancer on a B6 Enterprises' truck. Our intention was to validate ECO-Systems' claim of a 10% fuel savings. At the time of installation, truck number 024 was consistently delivering 6.47 miles per gallon.

Over the course of our test, lasting 30 days, we saw an improvement of 11.6%, increasing our mileage to 7.22 miles per gallon. Based on this successful test we have installed ECO-Systems on the entirety of our fleet.

At this rate of return it will take less than one month to recoup the cost of the ECO-5
System. As a matter of fact by the time our test had ended we had already saved enough fuel to pay for the ECO Fuel System.

Every day we waited to finish the testing cost B6 Enterprises money in saved fuel costs. In such an incredibly competitive industry where savings are so hard to come by we would have done better to install the ECO-Systems fleet wide at the beginning of the test and simply relied on ECO-Systems' money back guarantee to protect our investment.

My hesitation was based on the countless products that make the same claims ECO-Systems did. I have since recommended the technology to my friends, other trucking company owners, and I have allowed ECO-Systems to use my name and endorsement in their marketing efforts.

Dan Gotaas
B6 Enterprises

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No matter the size or make of your vehicles motor you can reduce REGEN's +/-70%, improve efficiency by making fuel burn more
efficiently and cleaner. No Chemicals or Maintenance. No warranty issues the ECO only treats fuel, no motor modifications.