Q. Do you have any independent test results about your product?
A. Yes, please see out test result page. We are excited to show everyone our independent test results.

Q. How can I determine the estimated savings when using the ECO Vapor Pressure Enhancer?
A. Use the [Mileage Calculator and Return on Investment] LINK TO MILEAGE CALCULATOR

Q. Do you work with school districts?
A. Yes, we have a very long list of school districts.

Q. Why do I need to run three tanks of fuel to determine my vehicles fuel mileage?
A. There are a number of factors that effect real world fuel economy: weather conditions, driving conditions,
etc. We have found that we get an accurate average by using this method.

Q. My vehicle is equipped with a fuel economy computer. Can I use it?
A. We have found that the computers are not always accurate and need to be reset. Over time in most cases they will indicate a higher reading with the ECO installed. For testing purposes we recommend you follow the ECO testing procedure. To learn about the ECO testing procedure click here.

Q. My vehicle gets 350 miles to a tank of fuel. Can I use that as an average?
A. We respectfully ask that you follow the ECO testing procedure. To learn about the ECO testing procedureclick here. Your goal is to determine the fuel economy benefits of the ECO System.

Q. My vehicle can use the E85 fuel. Can I use it with the ECO System?
A. ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer's will work with E-85 fuel. They require special fuel line connectors. 

Q. Should I use the same gas station and octane?
A. Yes, Our experience has shown that there is sometimes a difference in fuel economy achieved from one provider to the other. So we recommend using the same fuel and octane rating during the test. Ever notice when you fill up at some gas stations that the area is not level. For testing purposes you should not only use the same gas station but also the same gas pump. Additionally we recommend you top off your gas tank in the early morning hours especially during summer months. During the summer months as temperatures heat up gasoline expands, just like most liquids, providing less energy per gallon.

Q. Are there any other factors that could affect the test?
A. Yes, try to maintain the same driving habits throughout the test, such as speed, etc. Make sure you are not adding or decreasing weight at any point. Also, check your tire pressure. It's important to maintain proper tire pressure. Make sure your O2 Sensor, Down Stream O2 Sensor, and Coolant Sensor are in good condition.

Q. Do you have pictures of different types of ECO Systems?
A. Yes, we have lots of pictures. Click here to see an extensive list of installations.

Q. Do you have different types of installation kits?
A. Yes, we have several different types of installation kits.Click here to see our list of installation kits.