Installation Kits

Fuel Lines and Fittings: ECO Fuel Enhancer installation kits are assembled with top quality fuel lines and
fittings. Fittings are sourced
from companies that manufacture them for the parts industry. Special E85 kits
are now available. Installation kits are sold separately.

Note: Please use Teflon Tape on all threaded surfaces
       *It is recommended to have a professional install your ECO Fuel System.
        * For an improved results it is recommended to disconnect the Battery
           (30 min) to refresh the computer.

Qualified Mechanic 

The ECO Fuel Systems Fuel Enhancer goes in-line between your fuel line and your engine. Only qualified 
mechanics, who know how to work on an engines fuel line should install the device. It is an easy installation
using one of our kits.

Photo details of installations and kits. (printable .pdf) 

Recent install on a Ford Ranger with a 5/16" Quick Disconnect, kit 006.



ECO install kits #001 thru #004=$69.00 (US)

ECO install kits #005 thru #016=$59.00 (US)


ECO INST-001  JIC #10 Inline Kit Cummins and Detroit Engines  Use with ECO-4 
Large image 

ECO INST-002 JIC #6 Inline Kit Caterpillar Engines  Use with ECO-4  
Larger Image

ECO INST-003  Detroit and Mack Engines  Use with ECO-4 or ECO-5 
Larger Image

ECO INST-004  5/16" or 3/8" Compression Assembly  For applications where
metal fuel lines are cut and installation is done with 5/16" or 3/8" compression
fittings. Larger Image

ECO INST-005  3/8" Quick Disconnect Kit  For 3/8" Fuel Line on GMC, Chevrolets,
6.0 Powerstrokes, and Dodge Hemi's. Connection at Fuel Rails, Fuel Filters,
or Fuel Pumps. Larger Image

ECO INST-006 5/16" Quick Disconnect Kit  For 5/16" Fuel Line on Ford, Chrysler's, Nissan's,
Toyota's, Ford's, 7.3 Powerstrokes. Connection at Fuel Rails, Fuel Filters, or Fuel Pumps. 
Larger Image

ECO INST-007 Gates Quick Disconnect Kit  For most Fords, Jaguars, Range
Rover's, Volvo's, Lincoln's. Connection at Fuel Rails.  
Larger Image  Crown Vic Install

ECO INST-007-90  Gates Quick Disconnect Kit  For most Fords, Jaguars,
Range Rovers, Volvos, Lincolns. Connection at Fuel Rails.  
Larger Image

ECO INST-008  1/2" Quick Disconnect Kit  For 1/2" fuel line on Duramax and
6.4 Powerstrokes 
Larger Image    Ford F-350 Diesel Install

ECO INST-009  For International Engines. DT466. Connection at Fuel Filter
Outlet.  Larger Image,   More Detail

ECO INST-010  3/8" Flat Heat Cat  Larger Image

ECO INST-011  For Hyundai  Larger Image

ECO INST-012  For International Max Force 7   
Larger Image

ECO INST-013  For Chevrolet and GM Installations with no quick disconnect.
It installs on the outlet side  of the fuel filter, underneath the vehicle, inside
the chassis. Larger Image

ECO INST-014  For International 365 - 444E  Larger Image

ECO INST-015  For Mercedes Diesel Trucks and Buses   
Larger Image

ECO INST-016 For Dodge Diesel 5.9 Cummins  Larger Image

ECO Kit Details  Installation should be done by a certified mechanic.  Each
kit contains fittings required to connect your new ECO System Fuel Enhancer 
to your engine fuel system, teflon tape, and two tie straps. 

Use The Tape Fittings must be sealed with the included PTFE Thread Seal Tape.
If they are attached when you receive them, unscrew, and tape. Large Image

Box of 25  Kits are available in a box of 25. Box consist of
25 Male and Female components, 50 Tie Straps, 5 Rolls Teflon
Tape. (Not individually packaged.)           

Descriptions above are the most common, but
there are many different variations on fuel systems.
Call or Contact Us and we will be happy to help you get the
correct installation kit for your engine(s).