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Awards & Recognition for ECO Systems

US Department of Commerce (August 2023)

The United States of America recognizes Better Emissions manufacturer of the
ECO Fuel System 
for; promoting and distributing Made in the USA products
US Dept of Commerce
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Tens of thousands already use the ECO today. Truckers Take note: check out 2022
Kenworth Long Haul Trucks with Cummins X15 Diesel motors. MPG went from
3.7 to 5.7 (+2 MPG). 
Recently an individual in Arizona after buying one ECO-5 for his Cummins 5.7 litre
Diesel Mototcoach purchased an ECO-2 for his 2.0 Turbo Jeep Wrangler.
His MPG went from 14 to 20.4 MPG.

After his positive experiences he purchased another 
ECO-2 for his large BMW

Truckers Fuel Savings Report on 2022 Diesel Trucks with a
550 HP Cummins X15
Reduced REGEN's from 2 per week
to 1 per Month! 
Miles Per Gallon went from 3.7 to 5.7. (see below).

Trucking Companies and Independant Truckers are saving Thousands of Dollars a
month, less DPF Maintenence and reduced Fuel Consumption.

All ECO Fuel System's have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. I you are unhappy
it undamaged for a full refund. BBB A+ Rated - Guaranteed - Insured 

Truckers: July 2023 Report on Cummins x15 Diesel Trucks
with 550 HP.

Reduced REGEN Cycles from 2 per week to 1 per Month!

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ECO Fuel Systems

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California Air Resources Board - CARB Approved (June 29, 2016)                                                         

The ECO Fuel System is a proven and patented low cost simple solution to reducing
Hydrocarbon Pollution. Tested, approved and used by Governmental agencies,
School Systems and Private enterprise around the world for over 14 years.

You can do your part and help preserve our environment while saving Money on 
Maintenance and Fuel. No Chemicals, No Magnets, No Maintenence,
No Electricity, it can lst 20+ years.

US Border Patrol/Homeland Security

Sincer 2009 the United States Border Patrol after conducting a comprehensive report
on the ECO Fuel System and its company initiated its use.
Click here for the detailed report.

Congressional Recognition - Pollution

ECO Systems has been recognized for it's contribution to clean air by Federal, State,
and Local environmental initiatives.

We have also supported clean air initiates, including Victoria Clean Cities and the Texas
Associationfor Pupil Transportation. The ECO-4 is currently used in over 200 School
Districts (38,000+ buses)helping reduce expenses while helping children breathe
cleaner air (click here).

2002-01-28 Secretary of Energy











Congressional Recognition Awards from Congressman Rubén Hinojosa of Texas for
reducing carbon 
emissions, diesel particulates, and improving fuel efficiency with
the ECO System.

IDEA Public Schools

South Texas ISD

Congressional Recognition Award from Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind.

Clean Air Fleet Customers were given Congressional Recognition from Wisconsin
Ron Kind in La Crosse, WI. Special Thanks to Congressman
Ron Kind, and Representative Jennifer Shilling. 95th Assembly District of
La Crosse WI. and to the La Crosse County Highway Department, Crawford County
Highway Department, Dunn County Highway Department, Buffalo County Highway
Department, B&K Trucking, Hughes Transport, Hotline Freight System Inc., and
Rebecca J Brown.

Congressional Recognition from:

Congressman Henry Cuellar
Congressman Ciro Rodriguez
Congressman Charlie Gonzalez
Recognizing the Contributions of some of our customers
Congressman Silvestre Reyes' Office

Awards presented to El Paso area agencies and organizations who are being
recognized for their outstanding service to the community by making a difference
in the environment.