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  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • ROI +/-16 Days
  • ECO-5


  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • (+/-10%) Fuel Savings
  • ROI +/-16 days


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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No warranty Issues
  • Easy to install


What is Diesel Regeneration

   Reduce Diesel Regeneration - Save Fuel

Diesel Regeneration is a process initiated by the ECM to burn off pollution, the soot and ash that comes from the pollutants build up in your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). On average a Diesel engine only burns 55% of the fuel injected into it. The ECO Fuel Enhancer reorganizes fuel to help it burn cleaner. The cleaner burning fuel results in less required RE-Gens cycles and improved fuel efficiency.

Diesel Regeration is a manufacturer update initiated in 2007 to help reduce pollution. A Diesel engine that does excessive idiling or in town driving is more prone to having the DPF filter get clogged. A Regen warning light goes off when the DPF filter tells the computer it is full. When it is full it can create a back pressure causing the engine to run poorly and use much more fuel.  

There are three types of Diesel Regeneration cycles:

1. Passive regeneration takes place automatically on motorway or fast A-road runs when the exhaust temperature is high. Because many cars don't get this sort of use vehicle manufacturers have had to design-in 'active' regeneration where the engine management computer (ECU) takes control of the process.

2. Active regeneration is when the soot loading in the filter reaches a set limit (about 45%) the vehicle's ECU will initiate post combustion fuel injection to increase the exhaust temperature and trigger regeneration. If the journey is too short while the regeneration is in progress, it may not complete and the warning light will come on to show that the filter is partially blocked.

3. Some newer diesel engines, namely those installed in combination vehicles, can also perform what is called a Parked Regeneration, where the engine increases RPM to around 1400 while parked, to increase the temperature of the exhaust.

A DPF is designed for long life, eventually the accumulated ash must be removed by special cleaning equipment. What is the typical cycle for the DPF before it needs to be cleaned? Idling or stop and go driving may require monthly maintenance, in over the road driving manufacturer estimates range from 100,000 to 150,000 miles.

One thing’s for sure: replacing the DPF is not cheap ($2,500 or more) and will result in performance problems and cost issues incurred by downtime for the repair.

Diesel owners have expressed their feelings about being wronged by the new hardware that showed up on their engines. DPF maintenance in most cases is not covered under warrantee.

Do you want to help your engine run cleaner, reduce your Diesel Re-gens cycles and help keep your DPF Diesel Particulate Filter clean without removing it or voiding your engines warranty. (Click Here)

The ECO Fuel Enhancer is a low cost proven method that has a No Risk money back Guarantee.