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  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • ROI +/-16 Days
  • ECO-5


  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • (+/-10%) Fuel Savings
  • ROI +/-16 days


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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No warranty Issues
  • Easy to install


US Customs and Border Patrol/US Dept. of Homeland Security

As per freedom of information act here is a detailed report done on the ECO Fuel Systems parent
company and the ECO Fuel System test results before installation at the Texas Division
of the US Border Patrol.

US Customs and
Border Patrol

Interoffice Memorandum

     Our office has completed its evaluation of Border Patrol Headquarters' proposal that El Paso
Sector adopt the use of a limited number of ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer devices in a temporary
"trial run" capacity to determine their efficacy and assess the device for possible evaluation broader
distribution to the entire Border Patrol fleet. For the reasons outlined in detail below, we strongly 
recommend going forward with the proposal. Click here for entire report and details.

                                            I. Introduction

                                           A. Decision-Making Framework

Ultimately, the question presented here is simply whether, weighing their respective 
possibilities of occurrence, the potential benefits of pursuing this project outweigh the potential
costs. "Costs", of course, encompasses everything from actual known and planned monetary
disbursements to the risk of both warranty-covered and non-warranty covered vehicle damage,
liability exposure, negative public relations fallout, potential risk, appearance of impropriety, etc.
The proper analysis for reaching a decision on this issue can be best illustrated as a series of 
questions, with each successive inquiry requiring an affirmative answer. If any question results in a 
negative answer, the proposal offered by Headquarters should logically be rejected.

1) Is there sufficient evidence indicating that the ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer ("ECO"), in fact
works? That is, does it actually reduce regulated vehicle emissions and improve fuel economy?

2) If so, does it work well enough to justify its expense? 

3)  Is it the best-performing device of its kind for the money?

4) Have all other potential ancillary issues--legal and otherwise--been resolved to the Agency's

This memorandum responds to each of these questions in turn, explaining why the answer is
consistently "yes", and why it is in the Office of Border Patrol's interest to seriously pursue this

Click here for entire report and details.