Clean or Replace your DPF

Guaranteed, if you own a Diesel motor since 2007, you will experience a clogged DPF filter sooner or later. Today there are three options to keep your diesel running clean.       

Both Commercial and passenger diesel motors with a Diesel Particulate Filter will get clogged. Ambulances and Transit buses that do a lot of stop and go driving experience the most problems. A dirty DPF will hinder the performance of a motor and may stop running. Do not ignore your vehicles computer warning light.

A clogged DPF is the result of un-burnt fuel being trapped before the Carbon (Pollution) Particulates are released into the air. Diesel manufactures love it. It is a path to planned obsolesce where they can either clean or replace a dirty Diesel Particulate Filter.

The traditional way to clean a DPF is baking it at high temperatures which have proven to cause damage to a DPF. In most cases after a few cleanings a DPF needs to be replaced. The cost for a new OEM DPF is $2,300 to over $5,000, plus mechanic fees.

In recent years the Commercial Diesel market has learned about and have been using Cobra Clean a Biodegradable Non Toxic, Non Acidic cleaner. It literally melts carbon and cleans a DPF without damage for 75% less money. Cleaning can be done DIY in house without having to send your filter out to be cleaned, wasting days of downtime.

Cobra Clean is now available for smaller applications and passenger diesel vehicles. It is advised for Companies, Municipalities and Individuals to order and keep it on hand so you do not have to wait for shipping (5-15 days). 

The Biodegradable cleaning solution is easy to use. Submerse your DPF for 24 hours in Cobra Clean remove it and rinse in a wash rack to remove the black carbon particulates. Click here for YouTube video.

Clean your DPF’s multiple times without damaging them in house saving 75% or more, the cost to clean a DPF using Cobra Clean is +/-$85.00. For more information or to place an order email or call for details. GO GREEN – Burn Clean!