Fuel Saving Alternatives

Fuel Saving Alternatives – Eco Fuel Maximizer

Businesses, Government and the Public are asking for affordable Fuel saving alternatives.


PRLog (Press Release) - May 3, 2014 - FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- With the price of fuel rising and the quality going down around the world people are looking for options to save money and reduce pollution. The American consumer has been victim to countless get rich schemes over the last several years. European, South & Central American, Australian and those in Africa and the Netherlands have been more fortunate. They were less receptive to products that made unbelievable claims. By utilizing products that enhance fuel with guarantees and claims of +/-10% return they have been successful.

Powerful to remain unnamed influences that do not want fuel savings have maintained aggressive campaigns against aftermarket processes. Not many years ago Diesel fuel was 30% less than Gasoline. Since passenger vehicles have been designed to run on diesel fuel the price has increased. As a result of supply and demand, transportation costs and the cost of products have increased considerably.

In countries and areas where fuel is of inferior quality by reorganizing fuel molecules the ECO Fuel Maximizer has been a life saver. Nigeria, Columbia, Guatemala and many more depend on this product in their daily lives. It can last 40 years; those who use them and change vehicles remove and re-install them on their newer similar engines.

Businesses, the Public and in some cases the Government are making changes. Those willing to accept a 10% improvement are turning to the ECO Fuel Maximizer. It is a low cost (-$400) No Maintenance, No Chemical solution to reducing fuel consumption and Carbon Pollution. It is installed on thousands of school buses, police cars, big rigs and boats; NASA has been using it for several years. The product is patented, has been around for over ten years and has a 90 day full refund guarantee.

ECO Fuel Systems, LLC of Florida is a direct warehouse distributor for the ECO Fuel Enhancer; they are an experienced team dedicated to helping those interested in saving fuel and reducing pollution. The new ECOFuelMaximizer.com website is very informative. If you need any additional information call or email us.

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