President Obama, it's time for the Public to Act on Pollution! - Eco Fuel Maximizer

Yesterday May 6, 2014 President Obama in an interview with Al Roker of the NBC Today Show appealed to the Public to speak up and take action. He inferred that due to Political infighting nothing is getting accomplished.
  • (1888PressRelease)May 08, 2014- It is up to the Public to act before it is too late. The problem of pollution is getting serious; everyone can see Climate and weather changes around the world are proof that something is affecting our environment. Tornados, Storms, Floods and the quality of the air we breathe are displaying the highest levels of Hydro Carbons (400PPM) in history.

    The Public has always waited for someone else to take action and make a change. Pollution is a Global problem that every Man, Woman and Child needs to be aware of and help reduce its dangers. Mr. Obama requested that individuals contact their local government officials and demand action as well as being proactive and responsible in their daily lives.

    Transportation is a major contributing factor to Pollution. Every gallon of gasoline creates approximately 20 pounds of Carbon Dioxide. The average car emits about six tons of Carbon Dioxide every year. In the United States there are over 250 million cars registered. That's over 5 Billion tons of Carbon Pollution every year, just from automobiles.

    The Public can help by driving less or utilizing products proven to work that can reduce Carbon Pollution and increase Fuel economy. These products range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

    A Hydrogen Booster is proven to be the most efficient way to reduce 80%+ of Hydro Carbons and increase fuel efficiency 20% to 50%. They can be purchased for $500 to $3,000 for trucks. Due to unscrupulous get rich schemes this option has caused negative reviews over recent years. Chemical additives, magnets and turbine processes have all had minimal results and have not justified the cost for the effort.

    The Public is now learning about the ECO Fuel Maximizer, it is a product that has been under the radar with great results for over ten years. It is installed on Thousands of diesel School Buses, even more Police Cars and SUV's as well as Fire Trucks, Emergency vehicles, Heavy Equipment, Generators and Marine. The main customer base is School Districts and Governmental agencies who are the most proficient customers. NASA has this product installed on some of their vehicles. Fuel savings is 10%+ and the reduction of Carbon Pollution is +/-80%. The cost for a Gasoline engine is $270.00 and for a large Diesel engine it is $450.00 (US). A over the road Truck that uses 1,000 gallons of gas can reduce consumption by 100 gallons. That is a +/-$5,000/yr savings while reducing pollution. It is simple to install, requires No Chemicals, No Maintenance, has no Problems and has a 90 day full refund Guarantee to prove it works. In most cases the product pays for itself within 90 days.

    The EC Fuel System Enhancer has been tested by the EPA and the public with 100% approval Individuals and Companies who are interested in learning more about the ECOFuelMaximizer or additional information that can help reduce fuel costs and Carbon Pollution call or email for the latest information and updates.

    GO GREEN - Burn Clean!