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The snow has melted the temperatures are warm and Motor Homes, Boats and Automobiles are on the move. With Fuel prices high everyone wants to save Money.


PRLog (Press Release)-May 30, 2014-JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--Volatile fuel prices reinforce the need for innovations that will help consumers protect the environment and save fuel. One of the Obama administrations primary focuses has been on Clean Energy. Federal agencies have been directed to substantially reduce Greenhouse Gases. NASA has been successfully utilizing and testing two such methods for several years. It is time for the public to act as the Government is not permitted to promote or endorse products.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on the planet. Since NASA’s inception in 1958 they have been harnessing the unique properties of Hydrogen. It has been used to power many Space Launch Systems.

Due to the internet and unscrupulous business practices Hydrogen has gotten a bad name for Public consumption. After years of buy a kit, or plans to make your own generator that do not work the American public has become skeptical. The few companies that make a quality product and are still in business have seen a turn for the better.

A properly designed and constructed Hydrogen Booster can easily improve a vehicles fuel economy 20% to 50% over the road. Stop and Go driving will not see the same results. With Hydrogen injected into an engine it can reduce the Hydro Carbons +/- 90%, help an engine runs smoother with less maintenance. The cost for a good Hydrogen system ranges from $400 to over $3,000 for large applications. In today’s world this is one solution. The negatives are that it requires Chemicals and regular Maintenance.

Another No Chemical, No Maintenance solution is the ECOFuelMaximizer. This product has been around for over 10 years and has been under the radar. It is currently installed on over 7,000 municipal School buses, thousands more Police vehicles, Oil rigs, Buses and large diesel Big Rigs. NASA uses it. This product is a low cost solution, less than $400. It can reduce fuel consumption 6.5% to 25% on older diesel engines. Hydro Carbons can be reduced 40% to 60%. This patented product by design reorganizes the molecules of fuel which make it burn more efficiently.

Due to excessive fuel prices and low quality fuel, interest by South-Central America and European companies has skyrocketed. This product has a 90 day full refund money back guarantee and is estimated to last for 40 years. It can be removed and reinstalled on a similar engine.

The team has been advancing the use of Hydrogen Gas to reduce pollution and fuel consumption since 1999. The Hydro Dynamo Booster has improvements others do not have. They endorse and include the ECO Fuel Maximizer with their Boosters.

The time to act is now! Individuals and Companies interested in learning more about reducing Pollution and Fuel consumption call or email for the latest information and updates.

GO GREEN – Burn Clean!