ECO Fuel Systems - Reduce Pollution – California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved

For 14 years the ECO Fuel System enhancer has been reducing Hydrocarbons in fuel 40% to over 70%. Diesel engines can reduce Carbon Pollution +/-70%.

ECO Fuel Systems is a patented and proven solution to reducing fuel consumption and Carbon Pollution. It is a No Chemical, No Maintenance in-line fuel enhancer that has a money back guarantee and can last 40 years.

Through a metallic reaction with fuel (diesel, gasoline, propane) the ECO reduces the size of the Hydrocarbon molecules helping them to burn cleaner. A cleaner burning fuel reduces the cost of maintenance and can save an average of 10% in fuel consumption.

Easy to install, it will not affect any warranties and it can last 40 years. Many School Districts and private companies remove and reinstall the ECO Fuel System on their newer vehicles when they trade.

Recently two tests were done. One on several locomotives used for hauling. The results were 60% less pollution and 7.1% reduction in fuel consumption. Each locomotive uses approximately 50,000 liters per year or 13,322.75 gallons. The approximate annual savings of fuel was $6,621. The cost of the ECO unit installed was less than $2,000. The other large installation was a large diesel generator use to supply power to a commercial facility in Northern Ireland. The savings were incredible 20-21%.

The ECO Fuel System, LLC team has been dedicated to reducing pollution, helping governmental agencies (NASA uses it), school systems, private companies and the public reduce Hydrocarbons since 1999. For more information go online, call or email.

GO GREEN - Burn Clean!