NYC CityWide Transportation Reducing Diesel REGEN's & Maintenance

 NYC CityWide Transportation Reducing Diesel REGEN's & Maintenance

Every Diesel Bus in New York City experiences Stop and Go Driving that causes Diesel Regeneration Cycles. REGEN’s waste fuel and can compromise expensive parts, it can even stop an engine from running.


In New York City daily, over 15,000 school buses carry over 600,000 students two trips daily. Transportation Companies have their hands full and are to be complemented. Keeping buses on the road, not in the shop is a tiring task that seems to never end.

With the addition of the ECOFuelMaximizer the companies who utilize it have experienced a reduction in maintenance and fuel consumption that is worthy of taking notice. The most recent report for May 2016 on Cummins ISC Yellow School buses that use the ECO Fuel Maximizer (ECOFUELMAX) showed a substantial reduction in REGEN’s and Fuel Consumption.

The Buses prior to using the ECO Fuel Enhancer went into REGEN Cycles every 3-4 days. Every Diesel REGEN Cycle wastes +/- 8-10 gallons of fuel. The Buses with the ECOFUELMAX reduced Diesel REGEN Cycles to once, every two to three weeks.

The reduction in fuel consumption as a result of less Diesel REGEN Cycles and cleaner burning fuel went from filling a 46 gallon fuel tank twice per week to only once per week. The average fuel saved by the reduction in REGEN’s was between 25 and 35 gallons every two weeks. An engine that produces less Hydrocarbons will run cleaner, more efficiently and will require less maintenance.

The ECO Fuel System has been around for over 10 years, it has been successfully installed on over 38,000 Yellow School Buses, many Coaches, Trucks, Marine and Locomotives, NASA uses it. It is a Guaranteed, patented and proven low cost solution that every engine should have. For more information or to schedule tests on your fleet call (866) 374-0002 or email for more information.