Cobra Clean Pricing

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Due to overwhelming demand and shipping issues, until further notice
we are unable to ship or deliver the 
Amazing Biodegradable Cleaner
Cobra Clean in Comtainers less than 30 Gallons. 

30 Gallon cont*        $515.00/ea           $515.00/cont     (7-10 DPF's)
55 Gallon cont*        $815.00/ea           $815.00/cont     (10- 15 DPF's)
275 Gallon tote*       $3,720.00/ea        $3,720.00/cont  (40-50 DPF's)

Depending on the level of Carbon, Cobra Clean may be used on multiple Filters.

After a filter(s) are soaked and drained you can set the closed container aside, the Carbon Waste
will sink to the bottom.

Any questions feel free to call us (561) 860-6888

* Shipping not included                        

For more information or to place an order
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or call (561) 395-1079