Cobra Clean Instructions

 Cobra Clean Instructions

 A Safe Biodegradable, Non-Acidic, Non Caustic
Cleaning Solution


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 Clean your Diesel Particulate Filters, EGR
Valves and EGR Coolers with ease!


     1. Remove from vehicle

        2. Lay in bucket on its side. 

          i. EGR Valves and Coolers stand-up, do not get any electric connections wet. 

       3. Completely submerse in Cobra Clean Solution

        4. On occasion lift drain and rotate DPF.

     5. Let soak +/- 24 hours, completely drain Cobra Clean out of filter.

                i. 13-14 gallons of Cobra Clean can clean 2-3 DPF's depending on soot, use until it cleans
              no longer.

     6. Remove and rinse over filtered wash rack until carbon dissipates and clean water passes
         through filter with ease.

              i. Use a flat round head garden hose sprayer, hold directly over while touching filter,
              helps you to stay dry.

     7. Dry with air hose, shop-vac, fan, sun

     8. Reinstall after completely dry.

  • When you see the Cobra Clean solution is dark black, it is a good indication the
    Carbon/Soot has been released from the filter.
  • In the event a DPF is extremely dirty or was cleaned with other chemicals it may need
    to soak longer.
  • In the event a DPF filter is damaged or spent due to heat cleaning it will not drain and
    release Carbon/soot easily. Time to replace the filter.


  • Use nitrile or vinyl gloves for hand protection.
  • Use standard shop eye protection.
  • Cobra Clean is non-caustic, non-acidic, and biodegradable.
  • Cobra Clean will not burn skin or clothing, but we recommend using protection due to potential skin sensitivity.
  • Use in a ventilated area.
  • Allow equipment to cool before cleaning.
  • Dispose of sludge and waste water properly

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