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My Name is Ron Gonzales, we have been offering the ECO Systems to our customers at Bluebonnet Motors primarily as a fuel savings device. My Jeep Wrangler did not have the performance that I like to have getting in out of traffic, I was about to trade the vehicle when Don with ECO Systems told me about the performance enhancement that the ECO System could provide. I was skeptical about it making a significant difference in performance, but I have to admit it has made enough of a difference for me to keep the vehicle. I was mainly interested in the performance, but as an added bonus my fuel economy has increased by 2 MPG.
Ron Gonzales, Service Manager, Bluebonnet Motors.

Naco Auto Service

Ed RivasNaco









My name is Ed Rivas, and I am with Naco Auto Service, Inc. The salesmen from NAPA Auto Parts just down the road from my shop told me about the ECO-System and how it was supposed to work. I immediately thought that it was just another gimmick. I don't go by HEAR SAY I have to prove it to myself first then believe in the product before I would even consider recommending it to my customers. I installed the ECO #2 on my Dodge pick up 4 X 4 and immediately after installing it I started getting 2 more miles per gallon in mostly City Driving. I have never gotten this kind of mileage before, and after several tanks now I have to admit, This Is No Snake Oil. Besides the truck having better performance it is still getting over 2 miles per gallon and at today's cost of fuel this unit is well worth the investment.


Shop Foreman for Red McCombs Ford








As Shop Foreman for Red McCombs Ford. I was asked to test the ECO System for our company to see if it would be something that we would like to offer our customers. I have to say I was skeptical at first; I installed the device on my 1997 Ford Power Stroke. Before installing the ECO 4 the truck had a turbo lag and smoked considerably under hard acceleration. After installing the ECO 4 the turbo lag went away and I had instant acceleration and you can hardly even notice any smoke, my bumper no longer has any exhaust build up, it stays clean. My fuel mileage has increased by 1.5 to 2 MPG more city driving and my highway mileage has improved from 17 to 20 MPG. Needless to say the ECO System passed the test and it's now available at Red McCombs Ford.
Jimmy De Rocher

Service Manager at Red McCombs Hyundai Northwest



When the ECO Salesman walked into the service department trying to sell this "snake oil" I was certain of his ultimate failure. The possibility of increasing fuels volatility (fuels tendency to vaporize) by installing the ECO System on the fuel rail prior to the injectors, just didn't fit the "mechanical bill". After extensive back-and-forth technical banter, Don asked if I would like to give it a try. Knowing that my 2007 Jeep Wrangler had a characteristic throttle lag and slow curve response, especially in third gear, I took him up on the offer with intent to prove my point - by proving him wrong. After the installation we took a little drive. The Jeep, never meant to be a powerhouse, was behaving like one. In a feeble attempt to save face, I drove circles in the back lot trying to duplicate previous faltering. Needless to say, I had to swallow my pride and admit defeat. Volatility obviously increased. Though I have yet to check the fuel mileage, if RVP (Reid vapor pressure) has increased, conversely less fuel is wasted, and washing of the cylinder walls averted.