Fuel Savings

Are you satisfied with your Fuel Economy? Would you spend a few hundred dollars to save an
average of 10% in fuel & maintenance on your Diesel or Gasoline engines? 

 Carbon Footprint 40%-70%.
With the patented ECO Fuel System reorganizing the molecules of fuel it will burn cleaner and more
efficiently. Reduce your Carbon Footprint 40% to 60%.

Fuel Savings: averager of 10 percent No Chemicals or Maintenance, Guaranteed.
ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer saves fuel, and improves performance. If you've reached this page from a
search, the testimonials from our happy customers is a good start. See Fuel Saving Examples.

Ten Percent or More
Depending on the vehicle and engine size and use fuel savings generally range between 6.5% to
24%+. At an average 10% savings, if your engine consumes a lot of fuel, the ECO-2, ECO-4, or 
ECO-5 will pay for itself quickly.

Our company and our customers cannot justify wasting any more money on tests, they
want to reduce maintenance and save fuel. Tests are just that, everyone wants to see the results
on their vehicles. If you want to review some independant tests click here.

Units Returned
Yes. Some units have been returned under our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. The reason? False
expectations. If your vehicle sips fuel, and you want a 30% improvement, well, good luck. Some of our
customers have seen it, but it's rare, and we don't represent it that way. We sell our products as a
Fuel Saving and DPF maintenance reducing product. Designed, patented and proven to work on 
gas, diesel, bio-fuel, propane, LNG, and other fuels. We can qualify a 10 percent on average savings on 
liquid fuels. Fuels like propane may offer less savings. For large diesel engines, savings can
have an ROI measured in a few days to a few weeks.

If you are not happy with your results, return it to us within 90 days for a full refund of the
purchase price.

Government is our largest customers, we sell to police, fire, and ambulance and school systems who
are initially very critical. You can't blame someone for being careful, over the years many products
have made false claims.. After our customers have done their testing they look at their budget cycles
and buy more units.

Cost Savings
If you have not seen the specific examples and testimonials, it's the best place to get started. Some
customers save thousands of dollars per month.

Take a look at the Test Results page for scientific details. Any questions please call or email us.