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ECO #4 on Cummins Engine - Waste Hauler - City of San Antonio, TX

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ECO #4 on Mercedes Engine - Waste Hauler - City of Victoria

C-6 Disposal

My name is Tony Campos and I am the shop Supervisor for C-6 Disposal here in San Antonio. I was having problems with some of my Mack engines due to excessive smoke. The nature of our business is a lot of stop-n-go driving and a lot of idling as well. A sales Rep came by and told me about the ECO-Systems and the success it was having on other fleets. I decided to try it on 2 of the trucks that smoked the worst. I have to admit at first I was skeptical, but seeing is believing. I was surprised at how quickly it worked at reducing nearly all of the smoke. I then had it installed on the rest of the fleet and it performed better than I had expected. I have used the ECO-System for nearly 2 years now and recommend it to all fleets. I even use it on the Ranger Pick-up for our Sales rep and on My F350 Powerstroke. If you drive a Powerstroke 7.3 or 6.0 you need an ECO-System, it will improve your performance and fuel economy. It also makes me feel good about doing our part to help clean the air we breathe.