2007 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic

I'd first seen Eco-Fuel systems being talked about on my local channel 4 Troubleshooters report on the 5:00 news. They tested the unit on their TV Van and it worked for them. I contacted Ben on the ECO web site and purchased one for my Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 4.0 engine. I was surprised to get about 3 miles to the gallon better mileage and a whole lot better performance.

I got rid of the Jeep and bought a new Dodge Crew cab with a 4.7 engine and swapped the ECO-2 from the jeep to the truck. I was initially getting 15.5 MPG before and with the ECO-2 I am now getting 17.2 on the highway.

When I bought my 2007 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic with the new 96 Cubic Inch V Twin I had to try the ECO-1 that was crone plated on my bike. It took under three minutes to install, looks great and has not only increased my mileage from 42 mpg to better than 48 mpg on the highway, but really kicked it in the pants by helping increase the performance. I am extremely surprised and happy with all the results on all my vehicles, and would recommend ECO Fuel systems on any kind of vehicle.

Jim - San Antonio, Texas


Howdy: I bought one of your units at Laughlin. Checked the mileage a couple of times. I am getting 1.5-2 mpg better. I don't feel a difference in power but my scooter runs good so it is hard to tell. The Harley's have a vacuum fuel valve, sometimes when you open um up they starve for fuel your unit fixed that. I enjoyed visiting with you guys.
Craig Hill - Semper Fi.

Harley Davidson using ECO Fuel Enhancer

2006 Harley Davidson Softail Custom

My name is Rick Jones from McAllen, TX. I’ve installed an ECO Fuel System on My 2006 Harley Davidson Softail Custom I have to say this was a pretty good move on my part due to the fact that my gas Mileage has gone from Approx. 38-40 to 46 to 48 miles per gallon depending on the way I drive. It gave me instant throttle response and a power increase. My friends also Own Harleys and have notice the difference in the performance of my bike especially When we go on trips and see that I am putting less gas in my tank when we make our Pit stops. I also have ECO Fuel systems on both my cars and have noticed a significant Difference in throttle response and fuel economy. I would definitely Recommend this product to all my friends and even enemies.
Rick Jones
McAllen, Texas