ECO Max Fuel Saver OBDII Sensors A SCAM

In the recent months a companies who list their products in Google and other Website Servers have been using the search name(s) ECOMax Fuel Saver. As you can see they have inverted our domain name. They have no relation, permission or association with the website or the ECO Fuel Systems Company who is a Wholesale Distributor for the ECO Fuel System a longstanding BBB A+ Company (10+ yrs).

The product names who try to mirror our patented products are: the ECOBox Fuel saver, ECOMAX and ECOMAX Fuel Saver to name a few have been exposed as "Snake Oil" Companies. They have been attempting to piggyback on the good name and positive results of the ECO Fuel System and the Domain name. 

With fuel rising to the levels it has in recent months the "Snake Oil" salespeople are back at work. BEWARE!

For a direct connection to the ECO Fuel Systems Manufacturers Wholesale Distributors website click here or go to 

Google has posted under "ECO Fuel Max" multiple listings:

EEVblog, ECOplus Fuel Saver and ECOMax Fuel Saver have no association with our patented fuel and pollution saving techniques. Our ECO Fuel System is NOT a fuel additive or OBDII computer modification software used in a vehicles computer port. 

The ECOFuelMax or ECO Fuel Systems fuel system is an inline filter that works based on the scientific principal of Electrolysis (Patented). It causes fuel to burn more combustible, cleaner and more efficiently.
We do not modify any computers, its illegal! See How it Works

The search heading on Google to be aware of is "eco fuel max" Two of our domains are listed (ECO Fuel Systems and ECO Fuel Maximizer Fuel Enhancer - Its Guaranteed (4) the others have no association, I would call them Pirates. As listed below their offers are called a SCAM! 

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