California Air Resources Board-ARB

California Air Rescources Board Executive Order (6-29-16)

CARB EO-D-227-2
CARB Testing Results

Welcome to the 21st Century, many changes are occurring on a daily basis.

Many people have concerns about products that are not certified or approved for use by Manufacturers or the EPA. Manufactures will not approve a product they do not own or have an interest in, liability issues. Federal Laws prohibit companies from voiding warranties for using aftermarket products (click here),The EPA does not Certify or Approve products, their duty is to test products under strict specific guidelines and protocols. 

For the record: the ECO Fuel System does not fall under EPA testing protocols, it does not create pollution in any manner. The ECO Fuel System is California Air Resources Board approved (results). CARB Approval is designed to qualify that our product does not alter or modify a vehicles emission controls. To review the Certified Test results required by the California Air Rescources Board (click here). Based on that fact the ECO Fuel System will not be subject to any manufactures Warranties.

The ECO Fuel System has met the highest testing protocols in the USA enacted by Governor Ronald Regan in 1967. The ECO Fuel System has been authorized to advertise, sell and install its products in California. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) works in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency EPA. California has chosen to enact much stricter requirements and regulations than the EPA.  

On June 29, 2016 Executive Order D-227-2 approved Emission Technology, Inc. to obtain an exemption from Section 27156 of the California Vehicle Code for its Ecolizer Device. Our exemption along with other CARB approved products were extended under the Obama administration and continues currently.

Governmental Agencies, Corporations and Individuals hesitate to act, they fear losing their warranty protections. The ECO Fuel System in no way affects any warranties (click here). It only treats fuel, no motor modifications, the ECO Fuel Filter/Enhancer is easy to install (click here). By reducing Carbon Pollution/Particulates using a proven Guaranteed solution you can save thousands of dollars per year per vehicle, in most cases the ROI is +/- 30 days. Test Results 

According to the EPA (April 2017) every Gallon of Diesel Fuel burnt releases +/-22.3 pounds of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, Every Gallon of E10 Regular Gasoline releases +/-17.6 pounds of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. Why do we allow this, who wouldn't be interested in reducing Carbon Pollution and saving money doing it? 

Call to Action, what's stopping you? The ECO Fuel System is not an expense, it can generate a profit helping vehicles run more efficiently. The US Border Patrol-Homeland Security Department investigated, tested and approved the ECO Fuel System (click here). 

The ECO Fuel System is a Sole Source Patented product that has a 90 day No Risk Money Back return Guarantee (click here) for everybody, BBB A+ rating 10+ years. See our Products & Pricing.