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  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • ROI +/-16 Days
  • ECO-5


  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • (+/-10%) Fuel Savings
  • ROI +/-16 days


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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No warranty Issues
  • Easy to install


ECO Fuel Maximizer Fuel Enhancer - It's Guaranteed (4)

Looking to Reduce Carbon Pollution and Reduce Maintenance & Wasted Fuel?

You've come to the right place!

Would you spend less than $400 to save +/-$3,000/yr?

If you save $100/mo. that's a 100% return in 5 months

ECO Fuel Maximizer fuel Enhancer was designed to reduce Hydrocarbon emissions, and can reduce Diesel Regeneration Cycles.     En Español

     Do You Want to reduce Diesel Regeneration 40% to 70%?

               New - Independant Diesel REGEN Report (click here)
           72% Reduction in RE-Gens & 13% improvement in Fuel savings

               What is Diesel Regeneration?          
    Are you satisfied with your Fuel economy?
     How does the ECO Fuel Enhancer Work? (español)
    Reduce Carbon Pollution (Black Smoke) from your engine?
     What is the cost of an ECO Fuel Enhancer? (español)
      Installed on thousands of School Districts Buses proactive about Pollution and Saving Fuel.
 Guarantee - Warranty 

Proven maintenance savings by reducing exhaust particulates (DPF), less maintenance on both REGEN and Diesel Emission Fluids. 

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Clean Air Initiatives

ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer provides a cleaner burn and reduced harmful emissions. You can do your part, and save fuel at the same time.

 KXAN News features police department saving with ECO System



School District Fuel Savings

                                                                                 ECO System Fuel Enhancer
                                                                                 Reduce emissions, including particulates,
and improve your fuel economy
with the ECO System.

                                                                                 How it Works is the official overview
from the inventor, manufacturer, and
manufacturer's representative.

                                                                                                        Congressional Recognition for ECO System customers
                                                                                 Congressman Rubén Hinojosa of Texas and many more.

                                                                                 The Eco Fuel System products were designed to reduce
regulated hydrocarbons from the air, and save money.
Our products are proven to be excellent.   





                                                             The correct ECO for your application
                                                             ECO-2 is for engines up to 5L
                                                             ECO-4 is for engines up to 400HP
                                                             ECO-5 is for engines over 400HP
                                                             ECO-7 is for large applications

                                                                     ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer Presentation
                                                                     New Presentation Covering all the basics.

                                                                     ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer Quick Reference
                                                                     SchoolsPoliceGovt | TrucksBoilersKitsTest DataReviews 

                                                                       School Districts & County Governments
The call to action for School Boards and County Governments is to reduce
                                                                       pollution. The ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer is being used by several County
                                                                       & City Governments, on everything from squad cars to heavy equipment,
                                                                       several school districts have been using them years.

                                                                       ECO Fuel Systems, LLC 
                                                                       We are a Certified Direct Warehouse Distributor and manufacturer's representative
                                                                       for ECO Systems Fuel Enhancers. We have been enlisted to help educate the public
                                                                       and distribute them to those who desire an affordable way to reduce pollution and
                                                                       save fuel.                                                                      

                                                                               If you can't breathe, nothing else matters.  



                                                                     The ECO Fuel Enhancer has been proven and used on over 38,000 School Buses,
                                                                     municipal vehicles, Tractor Trailers, Boats, Big Rigs and engines of all sizes for
                                                                     over 14 years.
                                                                                                 News Station Reports



                                                                Drilling Rig saving 150 gal/day
                                                                ECO-5 for large engines                                                                

                                                                Detroit Diesel on Scorpion drilling rig

                                                               drilling-eco5-Scorpion-Drilling3a                                                                                       ECO-5 ($450.00) saves 150 gallons per day.     


                                                               About Our Averages
                                                               Our averages are based on Real World Testing by our customers. Commercial
                                                               customers, School districts, County government, City government, and
                                                               Consumers. This data has been accumulated over the last 9 years. Lab tests
                                                               help explain some of the physics of the ECO Systems, we don't go by Lab
                                                               Tests, Lab tests can be controlled to give you the numbers you want. We
                                                               are a real life company! Our data comes from the data you the customer
                                                               gives us. Your vehicles, Your data, Your fuel and Your driving, thus giving
                                                               you real life results, and money in the bank, not in the fuel pump.

                                                               Drilling Rigs saving 150 gal/day - ECO-5 for large engines 
                                                               Trucking, Big Rigs saving 6%-15% on fuel - ECO-5 for Large Engines
                                                               Marine saving 10%-20% on fuel - ECO-4 for engines < 400HP                                        
                                                               Large Generators and Gas Boilers saving +/-10% on fuel
                                                               2 models ECO-5 (3/4" line) - ECO-7 (2' line)                                 

                                                Call (866) 374-0002 or Contact Us