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  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • ROI +/-16 Days
  • ECO-5


  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • (+/-10%) Fuel Savings
  • ROI +/-16 days


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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No warranty Issues
  • Easy to install


Broward County Transit

For years the ECO Fuel System has been passed over for fear of a "Snake Oil" failure.
After a new Transit Director was appointed, 
things changed for the better. After testing
the ECO Fuel System on multiple buses (27) (NABI's, Gilligs, New Flyers and MCI's) 
the results were all positive. Click here for Before installation, Click here for After
installation of the ECO Fuel System. The readings were done almost immediately after
initial installation, after seasoning (300+ miles) improved results occur. 

The ECO Fuel System much to the surprise of the Transit Managers it showed it worked
as claimed. Diesel Regeneration Cycles were reduced substantially (+/-70%). Saving
money due to less Maintenence, Downtime, DPF replacements and Fuel use. The buses with the ECO 
showed increased power. See How the ECO works

Another surprising discovery to Broward Transit was Cobra Clean, a non acidic, non
caustic, Biodegradable cleaning solution that melts the Carbon Particulates from DPF's
Diesel Particulate Filters.

While walking through the shop as a joke the Transit Manager handed over a dirty carbon crusted
EGR valve
, while chuckeling he asked  "can you clean this?"

The next day after soaking the EGR and DPF's in Cobra Clean a 
Biodegradable cleaning
solution the Carbon melted, everything came clean. Both the Carbon Crusted EGR Valve and
the Carbon clogged DPF came clean, looking almost new, they both worked perfectly (click here). 

Broward Transit due to the hundreds of DPF's they went through under past Directors requested
Broward County purchased an FSX DPF cleaning 

The problem with heat cleaning was that after a few heat cleanings filters cracked and were
destroyed (click here). The cost of a new DPF is $2,300-$5,000.

Using 21st Century technologies like the Biodegradable Cobra Clean Solution anyone can safely
clean DPF's, DOC's, EGR's and even dirty manifolds many times over without damage. 

Cobra Clean can clean a DPF for +/-$85.00 in house (click here).

Click here for a Broward Transit DPF Cleaning video

Broward Transit Bus1

2014 Hybrid Broward Transit

NewFlyer ECO 4 Installation

ECO-4 Installation July 2019 on a 2014 Cummins 6.7L Motor

For a reference, testimonial and demonstration of Cobra Clean and the
ECO Fuel System click on Video Below

Hays CSID bus Photo

Created July 2019

Any questions feel free to call (866/374-0002) and speak with a human