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  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • ROI +/-16 Days
  • ECO-5


  • Reduce Diesel Regens
  • (+/-10%) Fuel Savings
  • ROI +/-16 days


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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No warranty Issues
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Millions of people depend on Buses: Coach, Shuttle and smaller Commuter Buses. Since 2007 diesel engine owners have experienced the wrath of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) they have reduced fuel efficiency, time on the road and increased maintenance costs.  Our ECO Fuel Enhancer is a proven Guaranteed solution to reducing Diesel Regeneration Cycles and wasted fuel used to clean a DPF. 

Would you invest $390 without risk to reduce Hydrocarbon Pollution, Diesel REGENERATION Cycles, DPF maintenance (+/- 70%) (Regen reportand increase efficiency?

Interested in testing the ECO Fuel Enhancer on your Fleet? NO RISK, 90 day money back satisfaction Guarantee

Latest Success - First Transit, Emory University (January 2018)
Reduced Forced REGEN Cycles 47% - Bio-Diesel


2011 Eldorodo Coach 6.7 liter Cummins Diesel





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PSTA St. Petersburg Florida since installation of the ECO-4 fuel enhancer on their Gillig Coach Buses they have reduced the need for Forced REGEN Cycles, their Buses breakdowns and have experienced a savings in fuel consumption. ROI less than 16 days.


Cummins ISB 250 HP. 900 gl/wk x .91573=824.16 gl/wk - 900=75.85 gl/wk saved. 75.85x$2.00=$151.70/wk in fuel savings. (click here). ROI +/- 16 days.

Star Shuttle Charter Bus


We currently have close to 130 Eco Systems installed in our fleet, which consist of 100 Minivans and 30 Motor-Coaches. In studying our before and after effects we have averaged about 10-14% in fuel savings. We’ve also had less maintenance needed relating to fuel injectors etc. I’m sure this can be directly attributed to the addition of the Eco Systems.
Larry Gray, Star Shuttle - Paratrans Ops. Mgr

Prevost Motor Coach with a 14 liter Detroit Diesel - 575 HP 

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As the story goes, a famous music group with two Similar Prevost Coaches with 14 liter (575 HP) Detroit Diesels left SW Texas for Chicago. One had installed an ECO 5 unit to do a test. After arriving in Chicago the one with the ECO 5 used +/-800 gallons of fuel. The one without the ECO System used +/-1,000 gallons of fuel. Pleasantly surprised, they immediately called us and we shipped them another ECO 5 unit for the other bus. Now they are living happy ever after saving fuel, reducing REGEN maintenance and Carbon pollution.  

They reported +/-20% reduction in fuel consumption driving 90%+ on the open road. Both units paid for themselves on the first trip. 

Interested in cleaning your DPF's in house ($85) without heat, a 75% savings (click here)
  What do your DPF's look like?
  Clean without damaging them!
  Cobra Clean

Escot Bus Lines is cleaning their DPF's and keeping them clean with the ECO Fuel Enhancer.