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How to Reduce REGEN's and DPF Maintenance without Chemicals – ECOFuelMax

By increasing the Vapor Pressure in any Fuel it causes it to burn more efficiently and cleaner. A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) will require less maintenance.

NEW YORK - July 20, 2018 - PRLog -- Today the call is to reduce Greenhouse Gases, vehicles such as Trucks, Buses and Automobiles are the leading cause of Carbon Dioxide Pollution around the world. Over 14 years ago a patented and proven solution was released in Texas to help reduce the black smoke released from diesel motors. As of 2018 over 35,000 Yellow School Buses in Texas have it successfully installed along with thousands more diesel motors in California, Florida, New York and New Jersey just to name a few.

Before the introduction of the Diesel Particulate in 2007 Diesel Particulates polluted the air. Since their introduction DPF's have been an ongoing maintenance issue for all Diesel motor owners, especially Coach Buses, School Buses, EMS's and Trucks. Due to excessive idling and stop and go driving Diesel Fuel may not be efficiently burnt, the Particulates or Soot gets trapped in the Diesel Particulate Filter. As Diesel owners and Fleet Managers are aware when the DPF gets clogged a vehicle needs to be taken off the road and the filter needs to be cleaned. If ignored the motor will stop running causing a greater expense.

The first and foremost low cost solution to reducing Diesel Regeneration Cycles or REGEN's is a simple easy to install low cost solution, the ECO Fuel System. It is a No Chemical, No Maintenance inline filter that only treats fuel, no motor modifications or warranty issues.

The ECOFuelMax filter has been tested and has proven to reduce Hydrocarbons and Particulates 40% to over 70% and can last 20+ years. Go on-line and read the reviews and the Whitepaper from one of the developers of the DPF filter.

By reducing REGEN's that burn/waste 8-10 gallons of fuel in every Forced REGEN Cycle a vehicle can reduce fuel consumption, on average, +/-8%. Increasing the Vapor Pressure in fuel is an overall benefit to any internal combustion motor; diesel, gasoline, natural gas oreven propane.

Those who want to reduce maintenance expenses have a Guaranteed ,No Risk opportunity to enhance the efficiency of their vehicles and take control. In 90% of the time the ROI is less than 30 days.

The ECO Fuel System, LLC team has been actively helping government, companies and individuals to Go Green and reduce Greenhouse Gases since 1999 with a 100% satisfaction rating. If anyone is interested in more information go on-line or call and speak to a human being. GO GREEN – Burn Clean!

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Clean Your DPF's DIY without Heat

Clean Your Diesel Particulate Filters DIY without Heat – Plan Ahead - CobraCleanUSA

Any Company or Person can clean a dirty Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) DIY in house without heat for 75% less, plan ahead.
WhatDoYour DPF's LookLike2-27-17
What DoYour DPF's Look Like?

ATLANTA - Feb. 7, 2018 - PRLog -- All diesel motors in the USA since 2007 have Diesel Particulate Filter's that traps the soot. Until recently the primary method for cleaning DPF's was to bake them at high temperatures, 1800º. The average cost is between $350 and $550 depending on location. At high heat the carbon separates from the ceramic filter median. Unfortunately, after a few cleaning at high heat a DPF's Ceramic filter may get damaged and it may need to be replaced. This is a very expensive +/-$3,000 maintenance issue. Using CobraCleanUSA requires no heat and will not damage a filter. Some have cleaned their filter 6+ times without issue.

A vehicle with a dirty DPF may experience reduced performance and in many cases when the warning light says "DPF Full" it stops running.

CobraCleanUSA is a Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-Acidic cleaning solution that was used to clean oxidation off of paint and aluminum. It wasn't until a Fleet manager soaked one of his DPF's in Cobra Clean that we learned of how effective it was.

Simple to use, remove your DPF, submerse it in Cobra Clean and rotate it, soak for 24 hours. Remove it drain and rinse with tap water. Many use an air hose, wet-vac or fan to dry their filters. After its dry's reinstall it, and your back on the road. To date, School Systems, Metro Coach Companies, Trucking Companies and Private Diesel owners are successfully using the CobraCleanUSA solution with success at a 75% savings ($85).

To plan a head is crucial, when a vehicles DPF warning light comes on you will need to clean the filter soon. All Diesel Motors since 2007 will require a DPF cleaning sooner or later. Trucks may go 100,000 miles, Commuter or School Buses may only go 10,000-30,000 miles. It all depends on driving conditions and the vehicle it is installed on. Stop and Go driving and ideling requires a cleaning sooner. It is recommended to order ahead and have the CobraCleanUSAready when needed so you clean it and get back on the road. If you wait until the filter clogs, it may take several days until the CobraCleanUSA can be shipped and your vehicle will be in downtime mode.

ECO Fuel Systems has been dedicated to helping the environment since 1999 and are pleased to be the warehouse distributor for CobraClean. For more information, email or call to speak with a Human.

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