REGEN Report


"Keep your vehicles on the road, not in the shop!" 


 Reduce Diesel Particulate Filter maintenance 72%, increased fuel efficiency 13%! View/print as PDF  

You are invited to try Risk Free this easy to install, No chemical, No maintenance Guaranteed solution. It is recommended to install on at least 10 motors to obtain a good average. If you do not like the ECO for any reason return it for a refund. Call or Contact us.

WASTE - GARBAGE (click to open)

San Antonio Texas Sanitation Diesel REGENERATION Report    

SanAntonioTX wasteTruck    Evaluation of ECO-4 installed on  
    Diesel Waste-Garbage Trucks.
    In house Diesel REGENERATION Test results
    to determine installations on Fleet - YES!
    Average Regen reduction 72%
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    Increasing Vapor Pressure on Diesel Motors
    reduces Particulates, Maint. & Down Time
    Less DEF, DPF & EGR Valve-Cooler Maint. 


Cleaner burning fuel can reduce Fuel Consumption (avg. +/-8%)
Easy installation No Chemicals or Maintenance required
(+/- 20 yr life expectancy)
ROI +/- 30 day's Thousands of dollars saved annually


PSTA St. Petersburg Florida; since installation of the ECO-4 Fuel Enhancer system on their Gillig Coach Buses (August 2016)
they have reduced their Buses Forced REGEN Cycles and down time +/- 75%, 8.4% fuel savings.
Added benefit of cleaner burning fuel, a reduction of 75 gallons of fuel per week. (MPG report)

Keeping their Buses on the road, not in the shop! 

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 REGEN 101 - Particulates

REGEN Cycles are caused by un-Burnt fuel that results in Diesel
Particulate Matter (DPM)/Soot. A cleaner burning fuel burns more
efficiently which reduces DPM and REGEN Cycles (40% - 70%+).

A reduction of +1,678 lbs weekly of Carbon Pollution NOT being released into our environment. 

Bottom line less DPF Maintenance & increased efficiency.

When is a good time to reduce Maintenance? Do a Risk a Free installation.
No chemicals, No maintenance, a Proven & Guaranteed solution.
Recommendation; install on 10 motors to obtain a good average. Some do less
If for any reason your unhappy return the ECO for a refund. BBB A+ rating 12+ years.

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What is Diesel Regneration?
What is a DPR - Diesel Particulate Filter?