Independent RE-GEN report on 10 DuraMax Diesel Emergency Medical Vehicles 
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Emergency Medical Vehicles that do excessive stop and go driving and idling cause newer diesel
engines (2007+) computer to go into the Diesel Regeneration cycle or REGEN cycle. The REGEN
cycle is a process to that burns off the pollution that creates ash and soot. The ash and soot are
trapped by a Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF. When a DPF filter gets clogged with soot it gives a
service warning. If the DPF filter is not serviced the engine will stop running.

The ECO Fuel Enhancer can help reduce the Diesel Regeneration (REGEN) cycle by 70%. This
saving down time for maintenance and thousands of dollars for the cost of a new DPF filter.

 Would you spend less than $500 to save $4,000-$5,000 in fuel and
maintenance annually?
Easy to install, No Chemicals or Maintenance,
Money Back Guarantee, No Risk!


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