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ECO Fuel Enhancer Pricing

The ECO Fuel Enhancer product line is a proven affordable solution to reducing Pollution and in most cases
Fuel consumption. Each and every vehicle has different results. Our goal is to reduce Hydrocarbon Pollution.

The ECO Fuel System is a Sole Source Patented and Guaranteed product that is different than all other in-line Fuel Enhancers on the Market

Diesel motors can reduce Diesel Regeneration Cycles 40% to over 70%, DPF maintenance can be reduced significantly. Some motors save fuel. Some as high as 20%+. T
he big savings is in the reduction of Diesel Regeneration Cycles and keeping your vehicles on the road, not in the shop. That alone can save thousands of dollars annually. See Buses

Why are you paying more for fuel and spending thousands per year in
maintenance that you don't have to pay?

With our 90 Day No Risk (full refund) Guarantee you have nothing to loose, in many instances
the ROI of the unit is paid for within the first 90 days.


ECO 2 Gasoline & Small Diesel Engines <5 ltrs
Warehouse Price $295.00*


ECO 4 Diesel Engines <400 HP
Warehouse Price $395.00*

ECO 5 Diesel Engines >400 HP
Warehouse Price $495.00*


ECO 7 Gas Natural Gas-Propane
Warehouse $995.00-$1,500.00*
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*Pricing does not include 
installation kits, supplies or installation charges.

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Who Uses the ECO Fuel Enhancer?
How it works?

The ECO products have a 20+ year life expectancy, they can be removed and re-installed on a similar engine when vehicle is replaced.                                 

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  * Custom units are subject to additional charges.

     Product Description - Sole Source Letter (click here)  


The ECO System Fuel Enhancer reduces harmful emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

How It Works

The short answer - it raises the Vapor Pressure of fuel increasing the Air to Fuel Ratios (RVP) providing a cleaner burn. No Chemicals, No Maintenance, No Electricity, No Magnets or Heat. (more)

Can you prove it works?

Yes, and we will help you run your own test. Over the years, we find that shops need help structuring a proper test. It's not complicated, but requires diligence, and actual engine running time under normal conditions. A 15 minute test won't tell you anything. A two week test ... more.


The ECO Fuel Enhancer has been proven to reduce regulated emissions and fuel consumption in gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas, and other fuels. Calculate the potential savings. The use of E85 requires a special connection. (more)


Each ECO System is powder coated steel, from 5.25 to 6.25+ inches long, and 1 to 1.5+ inches in diameter. Patented internal components made primarily of copper. Tested to 10,000 psi. The unit is installed inline between the fuel filter and the engine, it can be placed anywhere between the fuel tank and the engine. Fittings are available to fit 95% of engines, special custom fabricated for special applications are available. It is recommended to use one of our Installation Kits, it makes installation much faster and easier.

Expected Service Life

The ECO is warranted for 5 years, has a 90 day money back guarantee, has no moving parts or consumables. Life expectancy is +/-20 years. It will likely last longer than the engine it is installed on.


For many years, our focus has been on school systems, city and governmental vehicles, they are our best customers.  Due to the ECO's proven reduction of Diesel Regen's we have expanded our reach and are now successfully installed on thousands of transportation, trucking, mining, generators, farming, and many more. If it produces hydrocarbons, we can help reduce emissions and improve a motor's efficiency.

Cost and Return on Investment 

The more fuel you burn the faster the ROI. School Buses from a few months to a large Coach Bus or Truck, the ROI can be a few days to a couple of weeks.

Installation A picture is worth a thousand words (click here).


* Prices are subject to change

** CLEAN YOUR DPF's WITHOUT HEAT FOR 75% LESS!  (click here)