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 Cobra Clean USA

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Cobra Clean is a Biodegradable Non Toxic Non Acidic cleaner

Melts Carbon and Oxidixzed Paint

Now you can clean your Diesel Particulate Filters, EGR Valves & Coolers
in-house without damage. 
Deal direct 

For $295.00 (15 gallons of Cobra Clean) you can clean 1-3 DPF's without damaging them with high heat.


How to Clean:

How to Clean a DPF  (click here)
Saving $300-$500 to burn $3,000 to replace

How to Clean an EGR Valve (click here)
Saving $400 to $800 to replace 

How to Clean an EGR Cooler (click here)
Saving $1,200-$1500 to replace

How to Clean Paint Oxidation (click here)

How to Reduce REGEN Cycles +/-70% (click here)

Price List (click here to order)

Case 12 quarts*     $6.40/qt        $76.80/case
Case 4 gallons*     $19.20/gal     $76.80/case
5 Gallon cont*         $87.60/ea      $87.60/cont.
15 Gallon cont*     $295.00         $245.00/cont.
30 Gallon cont*     $495/ea         $435/cont
55 Gallon cont*     $795/ea         $795/cont
275 Gallon tote*    $3,520/ea      $3520/ea

*Shipping not included

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