Cobra Clean

Are REGEN's and Diesel Particulate Filter Maintenance eating your budget?

Cobra Clean a Simple Easy Low Cost Way
to Clean DPF's in House

Melts Carbon without Damaging Heat
It's a Biodegradable Non Toxic, Non Acidic Non Caustic Solution
Soak a DPF for 24 Hours, Remove, Rinse, Dry and Reinstall it (click here). 

Keep Your Vehicles on the Road, Not in the SHOP!
Clean your own DPF's in House for +/-$85, 75% less!

Reduce REGEN's & DPF Maintenance +/-70%+
BBB A+ ECO Fuel Systems 
 a Guaranteed
Low Cost proven solution
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Due to overwhelming demand and shipping issues, we now have
Concentrated 5 GallonContainers that makes 25 Gallons of
Cobra Clean. 
Reduced Shipping Costs, Easier Storage. 
Cobra Clean in

Cobra Clean Industrial Cleaner &
Carbon Remover

Melts Carbon from your DPF's, DOC's, EGR's easily without Heat, Why Replace your Filter's

Biodegradeable, Non-Toxic, Non Caustic

  • Removes Oxidation from paint, Carbon deposits from EGR & DPF Filters. Cleans Aluminum, 
    Stainless Steel & Shop floors  - Sole Source Letter (click here)

  • MSDS (click here)
  • SDS   (click here)
  • Flyer (click here)

Broward County Coach Bus video
DPF, DOC & EGR Valve cleaning Cleaning 

Palm Beach County FL School Bus video 

Volusia County (S. Daytona Beach, FL) Coach Bus video

How to Clean:

How to Clean a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
+/- $350 to Heat Clean - +/- $2,500 to replace

How to Clean an EGR Valve
Savings $+/- $500 to burn, +/- $3,000 to replace

How to Clean an EGR Valve
Savings $500-$800 to Replace

How to Clean an EGR Cooler
Savings $500-$800 to Replace

How to Clean Oxidized Paint
+/-$1,500 to replace

Want to Save Fuel (8%-15%+) & keep your DPF's cleaner +/-70%+ longer (Guaranteed)? (click here)

Video's - How to Clean a DPF, EGR Valve or EGR Coolers (click here)

Clay County Florida Cobra Clean Video (click here)
Palm Beach County DPF Cleaning (click here)

                                            What do your DPF's look like?



                                  Before                                                            After            

       ESCOT Bus Lines (Tampa -Orlando, FL) Cleaned 12/6/2016


ESCOT Bus Lines for 20+ years have been dedicated to delivering their friends and customers to their destinations without interruptions. ESCOT uses both Cobra Clean (to clean DPF's) and the ECO Fuel Enhancer to keep their DPF's cleaner longer. How it works (click here)

Transportation and Trucking Companies across the country are installing DPF cleaning Stations in their facilities. City of San Antonio, Sysco, BG Trucking, etc.

  • Due to the low cost Cobra Clean solution, many companies are now cleaning their filters every 6 months as regular maintenance. Clean vehicles run more efficiently & longer.
  • Companies and Municipalities with DPF Cleaning machines have stopped using them for Cobra
  • A clean DPF filter reduces an engines back pressure helping it to run more efficiently.
  • With a ECO Fuel Enhancer System installed it helps keep a DPF cleaner +/-70% longer. 
        ♥ Cleaner burning fuel produces less Particulates and reduces Fuel consumption
    CobraCleanCleaningStationresized price
  • Call for Cobra Clean Pricing and Shipping

Cobra Clean Cleaning Station.pdf (click here)

Cobra Clean DPF Cleaning Instructions (click here)

Cobra Clean Sole Source letter (click here)

Due to overwhelming demand and shipping issues, until further notice
we will not be selling or delivering the Amazing Biodegradable Cleaner
Cobra Clean in shippments less than 5 Gallon Concentrate, save on


2023 Shipping update

Cobra Clean is now available in 5 Gallon Concentrate Tubs
to increase ease of use and reduce shipping costs. 

One 5 Gallon concentrate of Cobra Clean mixed with 4 Gallons of water makes 25 Gallons of
Cobra Clean cleaning solution. DO NOT USE undeleated solution.
25 Gallons of Cobra Clean can clean 5-8 dirty DPF's.  

Depending on the level of Carbon Soot, Cobra Clean may be used on multiple Filters.

After a filter(s) are soaked and drained you can set a closed/sealed container aside,
the Carbon waste will sink to the bottom. You can siphon clear liquid off the top and

Filters should be rinsed in a filtered wash rack. Dispose of used Cobra Clean properly, with used oil.

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To place an order call (866) 374-0002 and speak with a Human (Old School).
We are available to help and give proper guidence.

*Shipping not included

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